The Top Five Luke Perry Roles Outside of 90210

Luke Perry was considered an absolute heartthrob on the original 90210 and a bit of a bad boy. He kind of went off the Hollywood grid for a while at times but he’s been back doing what he loves to do for some time. Despite not going right back to being the same caliber of star he used to be Luke has taken it easy and continued to appear in movies and TV shows in an effort to stay relevant. For the most part it’s nostalgia that keeps his name alive right now but he’s also become a fairly well-rounded actor since he’s taken on roles that have stretched his talent to the limit and forced him to adapt. In some cases the roles he’s taken on are pretty minor and haven’t made him break too far out of his comfort zone, but thankfully he’s still matured and is capable of doing far more than the act that made him popular in the first place.

He’s not exactly an old man yet but he’s not young either, as he’s now in his early 50’s if you can believe that. In some ways it really shows, but in others he’s managed to stave off the worst of times effects for the moment. The fact that he’s still acting is a pleasure to see since it means that he wasn’t a one-trick pony back in the day and had more to offer than just one role. Surprisingly though when 90210 was revisited and remade he decided to decline the opportunity to make an appearance on the show. If nothing else he could have helped people are about the new show a little more. But perhaps he figured that he’d been there and done that and wasn’t going back.

He doesn’t seem like one to want to enjoy the glory days again.

5. Black Beauty – James

Black Beauty is a classic story that’s been around for decades at least in one form or another. The original story is now well over a century old, but it has been seen in a few different ways at this point. In this film a young girl discovers a beautiful black horse that has a severely injured leg. When she’s told that the only thing to do is put the horse down she instead volunteers to nurse the horse back to health and to take care of her day in and day out until the horse is healed. The bond that is formed has become the norm for many such stories and the inspiration that touches people in a very special way.

4. The Fifth Element – Billy

This was a very small part but it was still very important since without Billy the opening scene would have been quite different. He’s a very bored and tired student that simply wants to be sailing and enjoying the wide open spaces of the world but is stuck with a German professor that is busily uncovering a secret that is supposed to remain away from prying eyes. When the local priest attempts to stop the professor from discovering or sharing the secret the aliens that were keeping the secret arrive. Unfortunately Billy, who witnesses the aliens putting the professor to sleep, we assume, thinks they’ve killed him and in return pulls a gun and fires at the aliens, trapping one of them inside the pyramid that had been opened to reveal the secret hidden within.

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Oliver Pike

Pike is an outsider for the most part with a limited number of friends and no hope to break into the popular circle since he has no real drive to change who he is. When he meets Buffy though and weird things start happening around town, like his best friend floating in midair and sporting a pair of razor sharp fangs, Pike starts to think that perhaps it might be a good idea to get to know her finally. Unfortunately, and fortunately, this draws him even closer to Buffy and the danger she’ll have to combat as the two of them start to become attracted to one another and eventually find that they’re a perfect match.

2. The Simpsons – Himself

His role in this show is pretty limited as far as this clip goes as he’s standing in as Sideshow Luke Perry for a Krusty Special on TV. The poor guy doesn’t seem to realize just how tough it is to be an assistant to Krusty the Clown and ends up getting beat up quite a bit as he has to endure one stunt after another and Krusty’s antics on top of that. This kind of job definitely wouldn’t be worth the aggravation and low pay.

1. 8 Seconds – Lane Frost

Despite being kind of impressive this is still a sad film as well since the main character, played by Luke Perry, ends up dying near the end. Bull riding has to be a dangerous sport since you’re riding an animal that’s determined to throw you off one way or another, and then will probably stomp or gore you to death if they get the chance.

He’s done a lot more than people think outside of 90210.

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