Manifest Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Stowaways, Statues, and Secrets Oh My!

Manifest 1x04

The running theme seems to be that either Michaela or Ben and 1 or more other passengers start to get visions or hear something that leads them off to doing something heroic. This week, Michaela and Saanvi both see a statue type woman who eventually leads them both to each other and ultimately helping out a fellow passenger.

No one knows what’s going on with the passengers from this flight. But there are 20 or so on that board who all have some sort of psychic bond that leads them to helping people in trouble. How they’re doing this, why they’re the chosen? Too soon to tell.

Saanvi finds out that there is a patient in her clinic whose MRI showed similar signs to her own. As she’s going out to see him, said patient has what looks like a psychiatric attack telling her that it was the flight attendant. Later we find out that this guy isn’t a schizophrenic, he is just confused. He found out about their little time jump solo, didn’t have anyone to process this with and everyone around him obviously thought he was going crazy. Not exactly a healthy balance for this kid.

If you were recently told you lost 5 years and no one believes you that you were on a plane for only an hour, that’s going to mess with your mental state. The poor guy was escaping a country that wanted to prosecute him for the person he loved and they were both trying to make a clean slate. Now he finds out that not only is his love not around but he’s lost 5 years. That’s unsettling to say the least.

Luckily, Michaela and the others find him and are able to convince him to leave with them to stay safe until they can figure something out.

Meanwhile, Ben’s personal life is taking it’s own spin.

Grace, naturally, had a hard time during the first few years. She was running out of options so when the life insurance check came, she was able to keep herself and her daughter afloat. She was also able to start a business and make things work. Now, the insurance company realizes they want their money back. Ben is very much still alive and kicking. Slight problem, the money is gone. It went into the house and medical bills, etc. There’s no way they can pay back half a million dollars.

Ben, ever so rational Ben, calms his wife down and starts doing fancy math equations to figure out how he can bail his family out of this predicament. He figures it out. Of course. But ends up stumbling upon a box of old pictures of Grace and her ex boyfriend Danny. Naturally, this is foreshadowing a run-in in the future. Little did we know that run-in would happen sooner rather than later.

Little Olive is old enough to know what the five finger discount is but not slick enough to get away with it. Girl couldn’t even swap a lipgloss without getting caught. She calls mom. Mom doesn’t answer. So she calls her pseudo-dad instead of actual dad. Actual dad goes off to get her and runs into none other than Danny. Dun dun dun. The tension is thick.

Fortunately, daddy and daughter have a heart to heart and it looks like things are starting to look up for their relationship. Not so fortunately, Grace and Ben start having it out over Grace and Olive not being over Danny. He’s frustrated but he seems understanding to a degree. Ben is a good guy. He’s clearly trying really hard to get past his wife having moved on during the hour that he was away. Of course that hour was actually 5 years down on the ground, but he’s lost that time. It’s hard. He’s doing the best he can.

Next week, it looks like Little Cal is finally going to get in on the supernatural front. He finds something that seems very, very strange. Everything is connected, but how? Who orchestrated this plane disappearance? How are they all connected? Why these specific people? What’s really going on? So many questions still needing an explanation. Stay tuned to find out as the mystery unfolds on Manifest.

Manifest airs Monday nights at 10/9c on NBC.

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