10 Things You Never Knew about Matt Lauer

A person like Matt Lauer is bound to gain great respect and earn a lot of detractors in his time since speaking in public and having a strong opinion about anything, even if you’re supposed to be impartial at times, can attract both enemies and allies. Throughout his career he’s been outspoken when he needs to be and yet has sought to do his job more often than not and get the facts when it was pertinent to what he was doing. Unfortunately there are those in such positions that also have secrets that tend to come out when it’s least expected and when such a thing happens the bedrock of a career can shatter like glass as it’s struck from out of nowhere by the kind of accusation that can ruin a career whether someone is guilty or not. Lauer has had this happen and has felt the effects in his career, which ended as of 2017.

Here are some things you might not have known about him.

10. He was a guest star on Will & Grace at one point.

When your name gets to be big enough and people know what you do and what you stand for it’s kind of common to see such individuals make their way into a form of public media that’s not always based on facts but is instead geared to make people laugh and enjoy the program.

9. Lauer has appeared as himself in a few different film projects.

There have been a few movies that he’s shown up in as himself. He’s been in two of the Sharknado movies and a few others throughout his career, but usually as a guest and not a main actor since he’s more of a TV personality it would seem.

8. He started feeling a desire some time ago to connect with his spirituality.

Since his father was Jewish and his mother wasn’t he admitted that he wasn’t raised in any certain way. But as he got older he wanted to believe in something and definitely wanted a family of his own that he could create traditions with.

7. His employment with NBC was terminated over a case of sexual harassment that occurred during his time with the company.

What was one accusation eventually turned into a couple and then kind of snowballed as the situation just became worse and worse for Lauer. Eventually it seemed that everyone was against him, especially since he didn’t deny all of it as other celebrities had been doing during the rash of sexual misconduct allegations that have been going on the last couple of years.

6. At one time his salary was upwards of $20 million a year.

Forbes put it at $25 million but apparently Vogue stated that it was $20 million per year. That’s a lot of money for a career that was going just fine to bother screwing it up with something that had the potential to turn his life upside down. Any working class citizen would likely shake their head in confusion as to why someone would deliberately do something that could ruin this kind of existence.

5. Lauer got to host an interview with Charlie Sheen when Sheen confirmed that he was HIV positive.

In some ways this wasn’t such a big deal since a lot of people had been hearing and spreading rumors about Charlie Sheen for quite some time before he really came out and said that he was infected. The only shock about it was that he didn’t bother to tell everyone that he’d been with. Either he hadn’t known at the time or he just didn’t care, which should have made him legally liable for spreading it around.

4. He’s had the chance to interview a number of famous people in his time.

Lauer has been able to sit down with some very influential and famous people in his time and the interviews he’s had the chance to conduct have been engaging enough that one would think that his job was worth keeping rather than fooling around with behind the scenes.

3. Throughout his career he’s had to stand in for a few very famous on screen personalities.

This seemed to be a big part of his job at times since if another celebrity was injured or ill he would take their spot and continue whatever broadcast they’d been scheduled to do. There’s nothing wrong with being a backup to be honest.

2. His career came to a screeching halt just a couple years shy of four decades.

His career started back in 1979 and was concluded in 2017 as it stands now, which makes a person wonder once again just why anyone would jeopardize something like this that had been going on for so long.

1. He was divorced just this year by his wife, though it’s hard to say if it was over the sexual misconduct or not.

Too many people seem to be trying to convince others that Lauer is the victim and the one that needs support, when in truth his wife is the one that is justified for seeking a divorce. She was embarrassed and humiliated along with him after all.

Really, all you can do is shake your head and wonder why anyone would ruin a life like this.

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