Meet The New Cast Members of Modern Family Season 11

Modern Family is an American sitcom television program that airs on American Broadcasting Company (ABC). Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan developed the show which premiered on September 23rd, 2019. Its storyline revolves around suburban parents who portray the sincere and uncontrollable viewpoint of everyday family life. The three Los Angeles families are eager to establish an open and honest relationship with their children but are facing challenges due to their children’s unpredictable behavior. Married couple Phil and Claire have a fast-growing young daughter whom they try to raise in the best way they can. They also have an irresistible son who further makes parenting a challenge, but they make it work and have some sweet moments. According to The Miami Hurricane, its new season is set to be the last of the show. Here are a few of the new faces you will be seeing in Modern Family season 11.

1. “Poppy Marshall”

The show starts with a scene of a couple that is overjoyed by the birth of their two kids. Haley and her spouse Dylan, are delighted to welcome two bundles of joy to their family. The first new member of the cast is Poppy Marshall, a beautiful baby that Haley said she named Poppy after her favorite flower. The new mother will have to read parental guidance books and listen to family friends on how to raise her children well. Haley is scared wondering if she will be a good mother to their twins. However, Claire, her mother, talks to her and assures her she will be a good parent, with the help of her husband.

2. “George Marshall”

In the new episode called ‘New Kids on the Block’ Haley’s husband, Dylan, talks about their newborn son. Dylan, who is a first-time dad, is learning to cope with sleepless nights because of his newborn’s crying habit. The father of the two states that he named his son George because he was born looking very curious like his father. Dylan is struggling as a new father and regularly consults Haley’s parents, who often provide him with important tradition parental guidance.

3. Rob Riggle as Gil Thorpe

The former retired U.S Marine Corps Reserve officer plays a real estate agent and Phil’s main rival in the show. He served as a correspondent on “The Daily Show” from 2006 to 2008 and a cast member of the ‘Saturday Night Live’ between 2004 and 2005. Rob has worked alongside superstars like Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill while filming “21 Jump Street” and “22 Jump Street.” The movies were a massive success and generated $201 million and $330 million in box office ticket sales. According to Deadline, he is scheduled to host the 23rd Annual Film Awards in Beverly Hilton on November 3rd 2019. The event recognizes exemplary producers, cinematographers, directors, hair stylists and many other film crew members.

4. Hillary Anne Mathews played Sherry Shaker

She is an actress and a comic performer who started acting actively in 2015 and is from Orinda, California. In 2013, the improv performer started learning with the Upright Citizens Brigade (UBC) to perfect her skills in the profession. The UBC is a comedy band that was established in Chicago in 1990. It provides young actors with improv training programs that are crucial in nurturing comedians. Hillary Mathews is a receiver of scholarships offered by The Inaugural Thomas Angel Foundation for Women and performs every week with the ‘Tuesday Club.’ The first-time Modern Family actress is known for her role in Hulu’s 2017 series called “Future Man.”

5. Justin Ellings as Kyle

He is a rising actor and a stuntman who plays the role of Kyle in the show’s season 11 premiere episode. According to Young Artist Academy, he was recognized as the Best 2019 Youth Actor in a TV Movie or a Special Film Performance for his outstanding stunting skills. He was born on October 4th 2000, and is well known for playing Corey Haim in Lifetime’s 2018 hit drama movie, “A Tale of Two Coreys.” He has also acted in major films such as “The Boogeyman” and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.”

6. Charles Lott Jr

He is one of Hollywood’s most promising actors and is set to play his first big-screen role as a basketball player alongside seasoned professional star, Ben Affleck. Even though the actor is young, he is committed to building his professional career and has starred in other notable films such as “Forgiveness” in 2016. He acts as Derek in the sitcom.

7. Amy Pietz as Janice

The 50-year-old American actress was recognized by Screen Actor Guild Awards as the Best Performer by a Female Actor in a Comedy Show for her role in NBC’s “Caroline in the City,” 1991. The Wisconsin native was adopted by an American truck driver, Arnold Pietz and his nurse wife, Nurse Pietz. After high school, she attended DePaul University and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater. The actress who plays Janice in the farewell season of “Modern Family” has also been in other shows like “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and movies such as “Rudy.”

8. Kevin Daniels as Longines

He was born in San Diego, California on December 9th 1976 and has starred in over twenty productions since his debut with the movie “Twelfth Night, or What You Will” in 1998. He is recognized by many for his role as Don Miller in USA’s high grossing film “Radar 49.” He appears in the series as a friend of the families in several episodes.

9. Samuel Lloyd Jr plays Bobby

He acts as a close friend of Phil and Claire and a father figure to their children. The American actor, as well as acapella musician, was born on November 12th 1963. He is famous for playing Ted Buckland’s character on comedy-drama sitcom called “Scrubs.”

10. Michael Strassner as Ike

He is an American actor and screenplay writer who has appeared in movies such as “Michael Try.” His temporary role in “Modern Family” will mark the actor’s first significant role alongside renowned sitcom drama actors.

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