How Monty Python and The Metal Band Iron Maiden are Forever Linked

The simplest things can bind the most unlikely of pairs together at times. For example, Monty Python and the metal band Iron Maiden will be paired for life and beyond now thanks to a single song. The song written by Eric Idle and played during the Not the Messiah (He’s a Very Naughty Boy) and twice in the Broadway musical Spamalot, was a favorite of Iron Maiden’s to play at the end of their concerts to close out the night. Don’t ask why, it would be the last song that many would expect a heavy metal band to play over the PA system at the end, especially if they’d had a good night.

Maybe it was ironic in a way, a band that was all about heavy metal and thrashing giving a more upbeat and positive attitude. Something had to have sparked with the band to make them agree to play this song at every concert. Seriously, there’s almost nothing in common between the band and this song. It’s like trying to pair Metallica with Frank Sinatra’s greatest hits, it just doesn’t mesh. Maybe though it’s something that resonated with the guys in a way that no one can really understand. It’s been known to happen in the past. I can’t really believe that it would be just to confuse and psych out their fans. That doesn’t seem too optimal.

I get the feeling there’s something I’m missing but I don’t know what in this scenario. Something tells me it’s something that I might see if I look at the situation from a different angle, but I’ll be darned if I can find that right angle. Iron Maiden was known for heavy metal and for their hard and pounding lyrics. Eric Idle was known for his sense of humor and the songs he created. So what gives?

It’s really hard to figure out why bands do the things they do sometimes but it would seem that Iron Maiden has a good reason for associating themselves with this song, though no one really knows what it is. If anyone has an answer it would be appreciated since this is making my head hurt trying to figure it out. At this point it simply seems as though the band had a soft spot for this song and created a ritual for their concerts in which the track had to be played at the end of every concert without fail. Perhaps it was a good luck charm or just something to ward off bad luck without attributing any real meaning to it. I know that’s stretching it but finding a reasonable solution to this conundrum seems almost impossible at this point.

Bands do things that don’t make sense, that’s fairly obvious. But sometimes they really go above and beyond and take on something, a characteristic or something a little more tangible, that people just don’t understand. Iron Maiden decided to take on the song Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life. Go ahead, scratch your head in confusion, I did too.

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