10 Reasons to Suggest that “Mountain Monsters” is Fake

Shows like Mountain Monsters will never lose viewers. After all, there are tons of people out there who believe that there are supernatural creatures that live among us, hiding away in the most remote places. Mountain Monsters is all about the members of Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS) and their ventures to provide evidence that Bigfoot and all other mythical creatures are actually real. Since the show first aired in June of 2013, the show has been unable to provide any solid scientific evidence that monsters such as Bigfoot, werewolves, and Mothman among many others actually exist. That’s one of the biggest reasons why we pretty much can say that this show is fake. Here are 10 more reasons that suggest the same.

1. No one ever fires

The men of Mountain Monsters are always carrying guns when they go hunting for these creatures. And supposedly, these men actually get close enough to some creatures to capture. However, in any of the shows and no matter how close these men get to “monsters,” no one ever fires their weapon in defense.

2. Too much noise

Whenever the men go out to hunt or investigate, they’re always making so much noise. That’s violation of rule number one when it comes to hunting: don’t make a lot of noise so you don’t scare off your target. For some reason, the men make so much noise and still are able to come across unlikely creatures.

3. A lot of luck

We’ve seen a lot of shows like this before. Most of the time—which is almost what is expected—the chase leads to nothing new and no physical find whatsoever. If these creatures are supposedly rare, then we shouldn’t see them all the time. However, there’s almost always a success story of a find on Mountain Men—every week. No one’s ever that lucky in finding rare creatures.

4. Always escaping

These monster hunters are supposedly well adept at creating traps for their creatures. They even claim to make the best traps ever. However for some reason, whatever they “catch” always manages to escape. How is it that the monsters always escape before they can be seen?

5. Funny names

Sometimes we feel as if they’re just coming up with random names for creatures just because they have nothing else to show for. We’ve never heard of a sheepsquatch before, let alone a snallygaster.

6. Too much joking

The men of the show seem likeable enough, and they’re definitely entertaining as ever. However, if a dangerous creature has just escaped from your traps, you really wouldn’t be sitting around joking and laughing about, would you? No. You’d get out of there as quickly as possibly just in case the creature comes back. The men of AIMS would rather stick around and joke though, as if there really isn’t any imminent danger at loose.

7. Computer graphics

Unfortunately, every time they manage to capture something on video, it looks completely computerized. You’d think that the show creators would actually use something a little bit more realistic, but then again, CGI is expensive. Why waste money on creating characters that people already know to be false?

8. Night hunting

When eyewitnesses come to AIMS, most of the time their experiences happened during the daytime. That’s right. Most supposed sightings have happened during the day. So why the men of AIMS choose to go out in the dark of night to hunt is lost on us. We can only surmise that it’s for dramatic effect.

9. Cameraman

The cameraman is just always off. He only captures the expressions of the hunters when they supposedly have found something, and when the cameraman turns to capture the monster found, he’s always just a little too late. The timing is never right. He should always just have the camera straight on to capture what the hunters are seeing.

10. Disclaimer

Mountain Monsters actually flashes a disclaimer for each episode, stating how no animals were actually hunted. If no animals were hunted, how could the hunters claim that there were creatures and monsters caught in their traps? It’s a question that could be answered by the fact that the show is completely scripted and staged; the show Mountain Monsters is nothing but entertainment.

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