10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nichijou

Nichijou is one of the more unique Japanese manga series that you might ever be fortunate enough to run across. Aside from the fact that it is in the same genre as all of the other manga and anime out there, everything about it is different. If you want to know more about this interesting take on things, keep reading below to find out ten more things about it.

1. It’s a lot less serious than most anime

It seems like the majority of anime series are really pretty serious. It’s not all that often that you find one that takes a lighter approach to things, but this one does exactly that. If you are in the mood for something that will take your mind off things and maybe even make you laugh a time or two, this is definitely something that is worth trying.

2. It’s been serialized several times over

Perhaps it’s because it is so rare in the way it goes about telling its story, but it has been serialized not once, but two or three times. This is actually fairly rare. While almost all Japanese light novels are serialized at one point or another, it isn’t very often that one goes through this process more than once. That serves as a testament to the popularity of this story.

3. Some parts of it focus on very obvious, everyday things

In short, there is a rather large portion of the story that focuses on things that many people would consider the more boring parts of life. That’s part of what makes the story work so well. It finds a way to make something funny out of the very things that we all go through each and every day, even when those things seem mundane to us.

4. The rest of it is about things that are anything but mundane

Of course, there is also an element of the story that is much more like a fantasy. That’s also part of the appeal here. It gives you the chance to combine the boring things that we all have to deal with in life with things that are almost magical. It’s basically a visual representation of what your actual life and your daydreams might look like if they were mashed up together.

5. An anime series was developed

Of course, there was also an anime series that was developed as the direct result of the light novels and their popularity. You can almost bet that if a series of light novels has been popular enough to be serialized, you will eventually see it as an anime series.

6. So far, there have been 26 episodes

Certainly, fans are hoping that there will be more episodes in the future. Twenty-six episodes is a pretty good start, but for those who really love the story, it just isn’t enough. The good news is that it looks like there might be additional episodes in the works that could be released in the fairly near future.

7. The original novels have been around for about seven years

Fans of the story have had the chance to get up close and personal with the novels for the better part of a decade now. It’s no wonder that the story has such a dedicated following.

8. The anime adaptation has become popular in the last few years

The anime version of the story hasn’t been around for quite as long, but it has been out there for two or three years now. That is one thing that has given fans pause, as there has been relatively little news about any additional episodes that might be coming down the pipe. That being said, there is still hope that additional episodes might be coming. As previously mentioned.

9. There are ten volumes of novels

Another reason that fans should have hope that new episodes might be made is the fact that there is plenty of source material with which to work. Since there are ten volumes of light novels, there won’t be any shortage of material in the near future.

10. There isn’t much focus on an overall plot

Perhaps the thing that really sets this story apart from everything else of its type is that there isn’t a great deal of focus on the plot itself. Instead, the focus is placed more strongly on the frequently disjointed parallels that exist between real life and fantasy.

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