No, Kevin Spacey Didn’t Plot to Murder One of His Accusers

Kevin Spacey

So what’s shadier, the fact that Kevin Spacey was being sued for sexual assault or that the individual was suing him as a John Doe and didn’t disclose his identity? Some would claim that of course he did this since it might make sense to remain anonymous due to what a powerful man like Spacey could probably do to those that have damaged his reputation, right? Well staying anonymous seems like it would have been a mere formality, but that being said, Kevin Spacey had nothing to do with the individual’s death, as B. Alan Orange from MovieWeb has gone on to state. Plus, think of it this way, if Spacey had the recollection of the individual, it is and isn’t likely based solely on whether he did this and whether he took the time to remember, then he’d have an idea who the person was anyway. But again, Spacey had nothing to do with the person’s passing, as the John Doe’s attorney made it known to Spacey’s defense team that the massage therapist had passed.

Eriq Gardener of The Hollywood Reporter takes it a little further as he goes into other allegations against Spacey that have been dropped when witnesses or the victims refused to work with the prosecution any longer. It’s kind of strange to think that a victim of abuse wouldn’t have the fortitude to keep going and get the justice they so badly want, but then again some people would call this victim-shaming, while in truth it seems more like they see their lies unraveling the further in they go. A sexual assault case isn’t typically going to be something that’s over quickly since it’s a serious offense and a serious charge that can ruin the life of the accused if it happens to be true. It can still ruin their life even if it isn’t since the mere mention of rape, molestation, or assault when talking about a person tend to make many people back away as though the person had suddenly contracted the plague. Spacey, whether he’s guilty or not, has lost out on quite a bit since being accused, as his reputation is just about shot, and he actually lost his place on House of Cards, which closed out with a final season as Robin Wright took the helm. Obviously things were quite a bit different since Frank Underwood was a celebrated villain and central figure of the show, but after the accusations few people wanted to touch him, and he even lost out on a role in a movie that had to go through a good number of reshoots once he was taken out.

The fact that Nardine Saad of the Los Angeles Times brings forth concerning John Doe’s attorney thinking that the move by Spacey’s defense team to move forward with all haste following the passing of the individual is kind of overshadowed by a few things. For one, how in the world is it possible to conduct a trial as a John Doe? I’m sure there’s an answer and that someone is more than willing to give it to me if they feel so inclined, but the other fact is that Spacey, as I said innocent or guilty, doesn’t seem like he’s about to sit around and do much more than offer condolences for the man’s passing (John Doe usually denotes a man no matter that the sex of the individual wasn’t released either) when he could possibly move forward and get matter settled. The man’s family might be mourning and rightfully so, but if there’s nothing to indicate that Spacey had anything to do with his passing, and there hasn’t been at this time no matter how conspiracy theorists like to talk among themselves, then it’s best if matters get settled as quickly as possible.

It’s fair to say that Spacey has been raked over the proverbial coals throughout the last few years since the MeToo movement started winding up, but it would seem that enough people were willing to come forward to roast him without mercy since he seems to have upset a few people over the years. Some folks have said he’s a nice guy, others have said he’s a jerk, but in truth if he’s innocent then he’s someone that’s been maligned to the point that his reputation has been almost completely ruined. If he’s guilty, then hopefully that will come out and the family of the massage therapist can get some much-needed closure. Either way it’s time for this mess to finally conclude since it’s been dragging on for far too long. The idea that people can make an accusation and then bow out in the middle when they don’t want to cooperate is ridiculous, but obviously there’s not much to be done when someone passes other than move on and get things settled as quickly as possible.

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