The Opening Scene to the Ferris Bueller TV Show is Brutal and it also Has Jennifer Aniston

You might remember the actor Charlie Schlatter.  He had an awesome 80s run in movies and hit his peak when he got a starring role in the film 18 Again alongside George Burns.   Schlatter always had a baby face and at the age of 25 was selected to play Ferris Bueller in a TV series based on the 80s comedy starring Matthew Broderick.   What you probably didn’t realize is that one of the stars on the show was also Jennifer Aniston.  Even better?  None other than Richard Riehle played principal Rooney.   In case you aren’t placing Richard Riehle, he’s the guy that played Tom Smykowski in Office Space, the role he’s probably most known for.

Anyway, I completely forgot this show ever existed let alone had Aniston in it.  But that’s not the reason I’m showing you this clip.  I’m showing you this clip because it’s very easy to see why the show only lasted one season.  The might be the worst intro for a show in history. It feels like a parody that would be on South Park.

Check out below:

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