When Patrick Fabian was on Saved by the Bell: The College Years

It seems like it’d be easy to really get by on a kiss like that for 20 years. Yeah, totally. But asking for another one when you have a wife and two kids seems like it might get you into a little bit of trouble. Patrick Fabian had that message for Tiffani Amber Thiessen not that long ago when it came to the question of that kiss during Saved By the Bell: The College Years.

Does anyone even remember that part of the show anymore?

Saved By the Bell was an extremely popular teen show that enjoyed massive success and went on to become just as popular as anything on TV at that point. It elevated each one of the actors to a degree that they hadn’t known before but kind of left a few of them in the dust when everything finally settled.

We all know for the most part what happened to the core group of friends as they grew up and went their separate ways. Mark eventually went on to films and even guest-starred on a few TV shows, Tiffani went in roughly the same direction. Mario went on to become a TV host, but Lark didn’t do a whole lot. Elizabeth of course starred in the easily forgotten Showgirls and Dustin kind of became the guy you’d love to see get pummeled relentlessly just for his poor attitude towards others.

Patrick Fabian didn’t come in until the college years and in truth, despite the memories that hardcore fans of the show might have of him kissing Tiffani, he was kind of easy to forget. He has more fame now that he’s starring in Better Call Saul than he has in a long time and he seems to be riding it pretty high. That’s great really, it’s always nice to see someone that’s kind of a blast from the past doing well, but once again that kiss seems like a bad idea. Unless his wife is that forgiving and that understanding Patrick might have had a lot of explaining to do if she was watching the show that day.

Few women would ever understand the sentiment that he laid down, even if it was in play, when they are married to the man saying it and have two kids by them. That’s just something you don’t play with unless you want to sleep on the couch, or in a motel, for the next couple of nights. He could have been playing around and gone home with an armload of flowers and an apology later on, but that seems like something you just don’t mess with.

As to his message, it’d be great if his wife didn’t care and Tiffani’s husband didn’t care either, because on the show that was one passionate-looking kiss. Granted it was all for the act, but somehow requesting a retake after this long doesn’t seem all that kosher. A lot of people don’t look kindly on a guy that wants to kiss a woman in this manner if she’s not his wife or somehow connected to him. People tend to look even less favorably on it if both of them are married to other people.

But hey, it could have been a big joke.



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