10 Things You Didn’t Know about Petra Ecclestone

Petra Ecclestone

You might not know who Petra Ecclestone is or you might but the reality of this is that she’s still a very rich and very influential individual. One thing she definitely can be described as is an individual that has worked to earn her place in life despite having every advantage. It’s so easy to vilify and scoff at those that have the kind of financial superiority that she has that many people might look at her and state that she’s little more than another rich, spoiled heiress that parties and doesn’t think a single thing about life beyond which club she’s going to attend on any given night. Petra however does not fit that label or the ideas that many people have about the rich, which is kind of inspiring really. Instead of being someone that uses the money to simply drift through life she’s the type that enjoys doing something for others and making certain that she has a purpose in life.

Here are a few things that you might not have known about Petra.

10. She contracted viral meningitis at the age of 14.

A lot of times this is less severe than bacterial meningitis, but it can still be just as severe since without treatment it might not go away on its own. But it can be kind of scary if one doesn’t keep themselves healthy.

9. Petra became something of a hypochondriac.

This can tend to happen when someone develops a disease or simply stands back and thinks about all the things that could possibly affect them. It can be taken to extremes, but at other times it can help to increase one’s awareness about their health.

8. She wanted to be a fashion designer when she was younger.

This seems to be a very popular choice for those that have the financial advantage now and again, but what is kind of nice to see is that Petra is willing to put in the work and not simply sit back and make decisions that she won’t be able to own.

7. At the age of 19 she created a menswear line.

This is kind of surprising to some folks but to be honest her idea was that women’s wear was simply a saturated market where competition was perhaps too stiff and there were too many challenges to overcome. In menswear however she seemed to excel.

6. A lot of her wealth is inherited.

Her father is worth quite a great deal and she and her sister were both given trust funds that are worth a substantial fortune. One thing you can say is that they and their kids will never want for anything, but the upside is that while she does benefit from inherited wealth, she’s still a very active person.

5. Not surprisingly she has a net worth of $400 million.

Her father is worth well over a billion but she hasn’t done poorly at all considering that she’s made herself into an entrepreneur and done quite a bit to build her own reputation. It likely helped that her parents were a big influence on her life, but there’s a great deal more respect for a person who’s willing to get out and work when they have the financial means to never work a day in their life.

4. When she was younger she was under the impression that a lot of kids lived in the same manner as she did.

She and her family spent a lot of time traveling and jetting around the world and it sounds as though Petra simply thought that this was how everyone lived at one time. Being a kid it’s pretty easy to think such a thing, but once we grow up we find out that this isn’t the lifestyle that everyone enjoys.

3. She did try her hand at modeling for a while.

Like her mother Petra did attempt to make her reputation on the catwalk but it would appear that it ultimately wasn’t her thing. That doesn’t seem to be a big detractor from her life thankfully since she’s been insanely successful all the same.

2. As an engagement gift her father bought her a $1.3 million dollar automobile.

You could say that this is a little ridiculous but at the same time it’s a gesture of kindness from her father and quite honestly with the kind of money they’ve seen as normal in their lives it does seem to be per the norm, meaning that it’s not worth rolling your eyes at since it’s simply a part of their lifestyle.

1. She’s been called the Paris Hilton of London.

As Leah Goldman of the Business Insider has revealed she’s almost the exact opposite of Hilton since she doesn’t like to party as much, she does work pretty steadily, and she has no open, glaring controversies in her past that have been used against her.

Not all rich folks are as vapid as others.

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