Five Predictions We’re Making About Captain Marvel 2

By now a lot of us have seen Captain Marvel and, for better or worse, have made our own judgments based on what we know from the comics and what we were expecting to see but didn’t or what we saw and didn’t expect. No matter how you feel about the movie though it’s easy to see that we’re going to be able to expect Captain Marvel 2 sometime in the future. There’s simply too much story there to not keep her in the MCU for a prolonged period of time and as you might have guessed she’s already being hailed as the next face of the MCU. Whether or not this will work out as the company wants is yet to be seen since Robert Downey Jr., aka Tony Stark, is a larger than life individual and Brie Larson has yet to really live up to that moniker. But that being said, she’s currently on track to be one of the biggest stars in the MCU to date, no pun intended. We tried to find other predictions out there but we seem to be the first. Here are a few tentative predictions that we’d like to make for Captain Marvel 2.

5. It will be set after Avengers: Endgame

This would be wise largely because very few people want to see another filler movie that takes place before the actual buildup to Carol joining forces with the Avengers. Plus it would force the continuity of the MCU to take another hit if they did do this since even in the vastness of space there’s always someone in the MCU kicking around it seems and it would look funny if no mention of a new hero wasn’t given the kind of notice she deserves. By bringing Captain Marvel back after Endgame it leaves a lot of open room for her to expand as a character and to possibly team up with another hero for another great movie.

4. It’s one of the movies that the MCU has slated for 2021.

This isn’t for certain, but since there are a few movies that are supposedly coming out in 2021 it does seem as though it might be a decent guess. That would suggest a huge turnaround and a lot of work for the cast and crew following this movie, especially given that the MCU has other movies coming out eventually as well. But it would make sense to see her come out in another couple of years since the MCU likely wants her to remain fresh in peoples’ minds while not overloading them all at once by dropping two Captain Marvel movies in just a couple of years. It would be a good strategy if that’s how they’re playing it.

3. The Kree/Skrull war will still be on.

This conflict doesn’t seem likely to end since these two civilizations have been going at one another for a long time now. But where Carol’s place in the whole conflict is now in question, it does seem that she would side with the Skrulls if only because she realizes that the Kree used her in such a malicious way. If there’s mention of this in the next movie it almost seems as though it might be more of a side concern than anything since focusing too much on the Kree/Skrull war would be kind of like the first movie, though there is a lot of room for expansion if the script was taken in the right direction.

2. Yon-Rogg needs to come back.

There’s unfinished business there and since he even said that he couldn’t go back without her. To some that might mean that he could easily become a marked man, perhaps choosing instead to wander about the galaxy looking for ways to get back at Carol in one way or another. In the comics Yon Rogg wasn’t a fan of Mar-Vell or Carol, so it’s easy to see now that he might finally harbor that hatred that could turn him into formidable foe. Plus, he happens to know enough about Carol and the way she fights to be a truly dangerous opponent if he can find a way to get around the powers she wields.

1. There will be bigger challenges ahead.

Some fans aren’t too happy that Ronan the Accuser just tucked tail and ran when Carol showed up. True, she did annihilate one of his cruisers on her own, but to not even put up a fight is kind of a chicken move that people weren’t too happy about. With that in mind though you can imagine that for the next movie there’s going to be a challenge that Carol finds a little more daunting than a Kree who will just up and run like a scalded dog when he finally sees what she can do. Strongest character in the MCU or not, the bosses are going to need to remind people that Captain Marvel still has limits.

It should be an interesting sequel.

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