Real Life Recreation of a Need for Speed Game

Need for Speed

If only things were as easy on the road as they are in this Need for Speed video, street racers and professional drivers might be able to impress people more often. The cars are absolutely gorgeous to be honest and the mechanical growl they make is almost cute really, yes I’m being sarcastic, but when put against the throaty, muscle-laden growl of some of the heavier, more powerful engines out there it’s kind of hard to be impressed. In regards to the driving skill of those behind the wheel it’s kind of hard to say much other than we don’t get to really see anything since the idea of what you see in Need for Speed is a lot more impressive. A lot of people seem to think that what they see on the games, in the movies, and on TV is real but don’t take into account just what it takes to be a driver and what kind of bank roll they need for even one of these cars let alone the parts that they’re going to need occasionally when the hard driving that such a hobby takes on their vehicle. All of it is impressive without a doubt, but at the same time it’s costly, it’s a bit dangerous now and again, and oh yes, it’s very illegal for the most part.

There might have been shows that promote this kind of thing and seem to have little to no regard for the law, but overall trying to race down a roadway is going to be frowned upon by law enforcement and will no doubt end up getting a person fined, possibly arrested, and in some severe cases losing their license and possibly their car. It tends to depend on just how severe the offense is really, but those that love this kind of life are usually well aware that what they’re doing is against the law and that they will no doubt be punished when they are caught. With that in mind watching this in a real-life version is kind of impressive, but it’s usually important to keep it in perspective. People love to glorify street racing, fast cars, and a very lawless lifestyle that’s been made popular on the big and small screen and it’s not hard to see why, but it’s something that seems to be counterproductive to letting people know just what’s coming when they try to engage in this kind of behavior on the road.

Of course it’s impressive, of course it looks cool and of course it’s something that a lot of people would love to be able to do if they had the idea that they’d be able to stay out of jail and free of prosecution after being caught for going 100 mph or more down a roadway. When you see the kind of situations in which these races take place in the movies and on TV they tend to be able to find empty streets that don’t have a single car traveling down them, which in some cities is entirely impossible since quite honestly a lot of roadways experience traffic of some sort at all hours of the day since people are constantly on the go. Plus, in just about any city you go to, there are enough cops tooling around that are keyed in to one another and can close a street or an entire block down quicker than anyone could possibly slip out of it. This isn’t the movies after all and people aren’t quite as foolish as they are on the big and small screens.

As a game and a movie, Need for Speed was something that was given a nod and possibly some attention, but has otherwise been something that was filed away for later use and reference by a lot of people. Despite the difference between the movies, Fast and Furious and Need for Speed are still separated by a huge number of those that would be able to tell anyone about one or the other. Some might even claim that Need for Speed is something that they heard on Top Gun years ago and never quite forgot. As a movie and game that is heavily based around cars and driving Need for Speed is popular enough that it has managed to be enjoyed by a lot of people, but it’s still something that you can easily imagine is not going to be as easily remembered by as many people. Seeing it happen in real life is enough for some people to be impressed but for others it’s kind of ‘meh’ since it’s something that we’ve seen over and over and have likely grown tired of since it’s been thrust upon us time and again. It’s a matter of opinion how impressive it is, but in a lot of ways it’s just another racing clip.


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