Recap — The Mentalist 2.19 “Blood Money”

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The Mentalist, “Blood Money”, opens ominously in Old Town, Sacramento on a darkened street. We see a woman being followed into a shadowy alley by a man in a hooded sweatshirt. Turns out that woman is Grace Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti), and she meant to meet the man in this alley. They talk in circles for a minute, and it’s clear she wants to hire him for something. When “Mr. Black” tells her she’ll have to “say it out loud”, she finally holds up a picture of Rigsby and says she wants him killed.

36 hours earlier: CBI agents Wayne Rigsby (Owain Yeoman), Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney), Van Pelt, and consultant Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) are at the scene of a murder. The victim is ADA Kelly Flower (Rachel Montez Collins). Her nightgown is ripped, but it’s not due to assault, it’s from her crawling across the floor before being shot point blank. When Jane questions the concept of working harder to solve the crimes of their law enforcement coworkers, Lisbon says it’s a deterrent to anyone thinking of trying the same thing. Jane disagrees, saying it’s pure revenge–which he personally has no problem with.

There’s no sign of forced entry to the Flowers’ home. When the husband Jayden (Dwayne L. Barnes) arrives, he breaks down in agony while Jane watches his reactions carefully.

Back at CBI headquarters, Madeleine Hightower (Aunjanue Ellis), Kimball Cho, Van Pelt, and Rigsby meet with ADA Marc Odenthal (Stephen Spinella). He offers to help them go over Flowers’ current cases, and lets them know she was working on the big Hank Draber drug case.

Flash over to the Port of Sacramento, where Van Pelt and Cho arrive to talk to Draber (John Kapelos) and his group of personal henchmen.

Meanwhile, Jane and Lisbon interview Jayden Flower, the distraught husband. He says that he and his wife loved each other, but they had a fight the night she died. He was upset about her long hours for her “career maker” Draber case. He went to the movies to cool off.

While they are talking, one of the contractors working on the Flowers’ home renovations appears to let Jayden know that he’s covered the exposed roof with a tarp. Jane asks the man, Cale Sylvan, a complicated question about flash water heaters. Sylvan answers the question easily. Then Jane points out that Sylvan is standing in the blood stain on the floor. The man steps away, but seems unperturbed. Outside, Jane tells Lisbon that Sylvan’s lack of emotion proves he is a sociopath, and quite possibly a murderer.

Back at the waterfront, Cho and Van Pelt talk to Draber about his possible involvement in killing ADA Flower. Draber’s mother, an elderly wheelchair-bound woman he dismisses as sweet but senile, happily scratches off lottery tickets while they all talk. Draber says he’s not the type who would ever get his hands dirty killing an ADA.

Rigsby does some digging and lets Jane and Lisbon know that Sylvan turns out to have several different identities, all with possible murders attached. It appears Jane is right, that not only is Sylvan a killer, he’s a serial killer. Lisbon puts Cho and Jane on a stakeout, where Cho settles in with a good book–Wuthering Heights. Jane doesn’t just want to sit around, so he gets out of the car and tells Cho he’s going for a walk.

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