Rob Lowe Remembers Turning Down McDreamy Role on Grey’s Anatomy

Actor Rob Lowe recently revealed he turned down the McDreamy role. If you are not a Grey’s Anatomy fan, then your first question is probably who or what is McDreamy? In Grey’s Anatomy., Dr. Derek Shepherd is a character that was nicknamed McDreamy by Dr. Meredith Grey because of his sex appeal. The name McDreamy stuck with other characters of the show and is how Dr. Derek Shepherd is commonly referred to by fans of the medical drama. The character was played by Patrick Dempsey.

Lowe made this revelation during a podcast interview on ‘WTF with Marc Maron’. When the 55-year-old actor was asked by the host Marc Maron if he had ever turned down an acting role. In response, Lowe said that he had turned down the opportunity to play McDreamy in Grey’s Anatomy. He went on to joke that it was a decision that had potentially cost him $70 million. Lowe then said that it is only money, so he is possibly not all that distressed about his decision to turn down the role.

Rob Lowe says that he did watch Grey’s Anatomy when it first came out back in 2005. When people started referring to Sr. Shepherd as McDreamy, he says he realized that the role had not been for him. However, there are probably many fans of Lowe who disagree and would suggest that the actor is sexy enough to have earned this title.

Gray’s Anatomy is now the longest-running medical drama on American television. The series earned this accolade when it reached 332 episodes to surpass ‘ER’, the previous holder of the title. ‘ER’ had aired on NBC since 1994 and lasted for 15 seasons.

Patrick Dempsey had played the role of neurosurgeon Dr. Shepherd from the start of the series in 2005. He played the role until 2015 in season 11 when his character was tragically killed off in a car accident. Prior to the doctor’s death, he had been married to Dr. Meredith Grey. Dempsey won four awards for his portrayal of Dr. Patrick Shepherd.

Since leaving the series, Dempsey has had acting roles in both film and television. He has also continued with his career in motorsports. It is estimated that Dempsey has a personal net worth of around $70 million, hence Lowe joking that his decision to turn down the role had probably cost him $70 million. So, what did Rob Lowe do instead and was it financially worth his while?

In the same year that Grey’s Anatomy was launched, Lowe was involved in several projects. He played Jeff Megall in the 2005 film ‘Thank You for Smoking’ and Robert Layton in the televised film ‘The Christmas Blessing’. In the same year, he also appeared in six episodes of ‘Beach Girls’ in the role of Jack Kilvert.

His career in television has been just as successful in the years since. He played the role of Robert McCallister, one of the lead characters, in ‘Brothers & Sisters’ between 2006 and 2010. Between 2010 and 2015, he appeared in 76 episodes of ‘Parks and Recreation’ as the character Chris Traeger. Other series in which he has had either lead or recurring roles include ‘Moonbeam City’, ‘The Grinder’ and ‘The Lion Guard’. The latter of these is a series in which he still involved as he provides the voice for Simba.

Rob Lowe has even played the role of a doctor, despite turning down the McDreamy role, so he must have the look of a doctor. He appeared in 29 episodes of ‘Code Black’ between 2016 and 2019 in the role of Dr. Ethan Willis.

Currently, Lowe is the host and producer of the intelligence and mental agility competition series ‘Mental Samurai’. He is also in the upcoming Christmas romantic comedy film ‘Christmas in the Wild’, which is being released later in 2019.

Overall, Rob Lowe has not done too badly in his career and he had an estimated personal net worth of $60 million. Therefore, his decision to turn down the McDreamy role has hardly left him on the poverty line. In his personal life, he has been happily married to Sheryl Berkoff who he wed in 1991 after they had met just twice. The couple has two sons together, Matthew Edward and John Owen.

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