Roger Ailes’ Son Zachary Seems as Awful as Roger Was With Revenge Comment

Let’s hope the name Zachary Ailes doesn’t trend for more than a day because I’d rather this kid not have the satisfaction of knowing anyone ever paid any attention to him after what he just said.  This little pipsqueak may be a teenager with braces and a cute little red bow tie, but it turns out he’s just as ruthless, cold-hearted and non forgiving as his father was.   After Ailes was forces out of Fox news on allegations of sexual misconduct with a number of female employees he recently died.   Was his death a direct result of his ousting?  No, but the 77-year-old clearly had a tumultuous last couple of years of his life likely leading to a decline in his health.

His “as annoying as he looks” son Zachary pledged to plot revenge against all of his father’s accusers at his father Roger Ailes’ funeral during the eulogy.   Zachary pledged to fight to clear his father’s name after a series of sexual harassment allegations led to his ultimate ouster from Fox News.

“I want all the people who betrayed my father to know that I’m coming after them,” Zachary Ailes said during a speech at the ceremony, “and hell is coming with me.”

At least Zachary knows exactly where his father is.

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