10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rorrey Fenty

We all know and adore the famous fashion icon, singer, and performer, Rihanna. But, did you know that she’s got a brother who is equally talented and iconic in his own right? Most of us don’t pay much attention to the personal life details of our favorite celebrities, and we are sure they have no problem with that. This is a situation, however, in which we feel we need to rectify that mistake. Rihanna’s brother, Rorrey Fenty, is someone we need to get to know, stat.

1. He’s a Rapper

His stage name is not Rorrey. It’s Gallest, and his fans love him. He’s been a big hit in the Barbados area for a while now, and he loves to perform and give back to his local community. We like that about him.

2. He’s Proud of His Sister

One thing that he has always been so proud of in terms of his sister and her accomplishments is the time she was awarded the Humanitarian of the Year award at Harvard. You can be famous, and you can be talented. But, it’s a choice to be a good person, and nothing makes him happier than knowing his sister has all the fame and success in the world and she still chooses to give back. Honestly, we are all about that kindness.

3. He’s the Middle Child

Call us partial (and maybe we are making some assumptions here) but we think that there’s a good chance Rorrey is one of the coolest kids on the block. Why? Because he’s the middle child. That means Rihanna is the responsible older sister, and their younger brother, Rajad, is the baby. The middle child is the one who – in our experience of having one and knowing many – turns out to have a pretty stellar personality, a lot of wit, and a great sense of humor mixed in with a little mischievous behavior that always makes life more fun.

4. He’s An Entrepreneur

This is a man who has dreams and goals, he is not afraid of hard work, and he puts in the time. He’s not just a rapper and the man behind “Aura Experience,” either. He’s a business owner with a clothing store. He makes music, and he’s launching a cigar line. May we assume hard work ethic runs in the family?

5. He Loves To Travel

Like the rest of us, he loves to travel. He’s happy seeing the world and being able to go where he pleases, but he’s not leaving home for too long. At the end of the day, he loves Barbados. It’s home to him, and he is happier there than anywhere else. We get it. Home is, after all, where the heart is.

6. He’s Close to His Siblings

If there’s one thing that will not change despite the distance that’s often between them, Rorrey and his siblings are close. You can check out their social media pages to see just how much they spend time together. They are clearly close, and they have a lot of love and respect for one another. We all love that.

7. He’s an 80s Baby…Barely

You know we think the 80s were the best time to be kids, and Rorrey Fenty can kind of, sort of claim he was part of that decade. He might not have a memory of it, but he was born on November 13, 1989, so he’s part of it, in our opinion. This also means he’s 30 now, and that’s such a great decade to live, too.

8. His Dad Was COVID-19 Positive

Earlier in 2020, the rapper’s father was diagnosed with coronavirus, and he thought he might die from it. It was a horrible experience for him, but we are happy to say that he has made it out alive and well, and his kids checked on him regularly throughout his diagnosis.

9. He’s Taken

Okay, well, we don’t know this for certain, but we are pretty certain we know this. He spends a lot of his time on Instagram posting photos of himself with a lovely woman who goes by the name Nadia, and she seems like someone he cares about a lot. He posted a happy birthday photo of her in September 2019 in which he called her an amazing woman and said that “Words can’t begin to describe how important you are in my life,” and he continues to post photos of her throughout 2020. So, maybe we are assuming, but they definitely look happy together.

10. He is Close to His Mother

He is not only a man who is close to his siblings. It appears he is quite close to their mother, too. He has some lovely photos of the family on his Instagram page, and we cannot believe how youthful and incredibly gorgeous she is. Well, we can. Her kids make it seem effortless, don’t they?

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