The Top Five Rosie O’Donnell Feuds of All-Time

As Tyler McCarthy of Fox News would definitely agree Rosie O’Donnell has had no shortage of controversy in her life at this point since she’s been able to find fault with someone in just about every venue that she’s been to. The difference between finding fault at this point and voicing her opinion however is what seems to be the difference between an argument and a feud. At this time it would seem her biggest and most lasting feud would be with none other than Donald Trump. If that’s a surprise to anyone it shouldn’t be since she’s been quite vocal, whether you want to call her wrong or right, and hasn’t shied away from getting down and dirty with her comments now and again. That being said the whole idea of agreeing with her is a personal matter and up for debate, but the truth of the matter is that she is a rather forceful person when it comes to speaking her mind. There’s nothing wrong with that on the outset, at least until it starts targeting the wrong folks for the wrong reasons. But again, it is her opinion and she has the right to it.

Here are some of the memorable feuds she’s had with others, as well as Trump.

5. Mayim Bialick

Hilton Hater at Hollywood Gossip has definitely hit a nerve with this one as a lot of people would likely agree with Rosie on this one, making it evident that she’s not seen as wrong all the time, just very opinionated and very passionate about what she wants to stew about. Mayim had her own opinion about the movie Frozen, which, as many people know, was one of Disney’s biggest and most popular animated films ever. The whole argument seemed to stem around the proportions of the princesses, their appearance, and of course the reliance on men. This is kind of funny since both Elsa and Anna seemed to get the job done throughout the movie without Hans or Kristoff doing nearly as much as earlier Disney princes. Rosie had a pretty acceptable stance on this one.

4. Elizabeth Hasselbeck

This might make you sigh since it does seem a bit cringe-worthy, but Jessica Vacco-Bolanos at Us gives a pretty accurate description of how the whole thing went down and how it seems to have been an eye-rolling moment between Rosie and Hasselbeck. It does seem as though Elizabeth might have taken something out of context but the whole idea of going after the idea after you’ve explained yourself and made your point seems to be Rosie’s M.O. recently since like a lot of folks she can’t leave well enough alone, which should be fairly easy since she spoke her peace and no longer has anything to prove to anyone.

3. Kelly Ripa

Simon DeLott at Hollywood Gossip was pretty fair in his estimation of this feud since not only did it get blown way out of proportion, but the whole idea of Clay Aiken putting his hand, even jokingly, over Kelly Ripa’s mouth during a show wasn’t called for, and her reaction, saying “I don’t know where that hand has been” has no basis on his sexuality at all. Rosie might have done Clay a great service by listening to him and helping him to come out, but it does seem that she likes to act like the ‘white knight’ when it comes to championing people and their causes. The only downfall is that she’s less of a knight and more of a walking, talking calamity that could dump on just about anyone at any give time. Her heart’s in the right place, but her mouth tends to be run wild a bit.

2. Whoopi Goldberg

Today’s Internet Sensation uploaded this video a while back and it does show Rosie and Whoopi, two people that some might actually think would get along, getting into it. There are many people that could tell you that the View is anything but a balanced show, but the funny thing about it is that there are times when it’s not even able to see a comfortable balance between the hosts. This is kind of amusing really since watching Whoopi and Rosie, and the rest of the panel, be so divided about so many different issues, is kind of funny. Their personal feud is kind of amusing since it seems like an extension of the show itself.

1. Donald Trump

Late Night with Seth Meyers is known for bringing on just about anyone that they think is going to help boost the ratings and this is a good thing. Rosie was bound to boost the ratings since almost every other time she opens her mouth it’s about Trump and something else that he has, or she thinks he has, done wrong. She’s not backing down and most people would agree that she doesn’t need to, but a lot of her bile needs to stay focused on the POTUS and not spill over to the first family, as this is where the veracity of her words starts to fail. Go on and get Trump, he’s a big boy, he can take it, but Rosie, keep it professional.

She’s not the type to back down, that’s for certain.

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