Scorpion Season 2 Episode 6 Review: “Tech, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll”


A technological achievement suddenly turns against the people who helped create it in this week’s Scorpion. A smart building created by Richard Elia, the billionaire from back in Season 1, gets infected with a worm/virus and almost engulfs the entire building in flames as Team Scorpion tries to eliminate the worm. The shocking part is that the worm came from Walter’s laptop. Somehow, I’m willing to bet that Walter’s being framed.

The genius went to a mixer the night before the launch of Elia’s new energy efficient smart building. The newly created structure runs on solar power, climate-responsive technology and a geothermal HVAC system that uses laminar air flow to create a particle-free, clean air environment. (From the enthusiastic clap from Sylvester later in the episode during the launch party, I’d say that if the building was converted into an apartment building, he would want to be among the first to move in.)

A mystery man told Walter that a girl sitting at the end of the bar was checking him out. Mr. 197 then walked over to the woman and tried to act normal by complimenting her (which did not go very well), and the lady, whose name is Stella, then ordered drinks for the both of them. Walter tried to refuse, saying that he doesn’t drink, but when Stella asked if he would like a Long Island Iced Tea, the genius couldn’t refuse because iced tea never hurt anyone (unless it’s from Long Island). No offense, Walter, but for a guy with an IQ such as yours, you should’ve been able to figure out that a Long Island Iced Tea is not just iced tea; it’s spiked iced tea. Then again, you don’t really drink alcohol so I will let you off the hook.

This particular scene reminded me of a scene I saw in The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon went to the Cheesecake Factory after listening to Amy and Wil Wheaton argue about something, and Sheldon did nothing to defend his girlfriend. Penny then suggested that Sheldon drink some Long Island Iced Tea, and the rest is pretty self-explanatory. Walter woke up the next morning in his hotel room, hungover and running late to Elia’s launch party, and it all went downhill from there. A worm infected the entire building, causing the geothermal pumps to explode and placing the building on lock-down, which kept everyone in and no way for rescuers to get inside.

It was also interesting to see Paige act like a jealous girlfriend in this episode, as the thought of Walter being Mr. Popular and hooking up with Stella after the mixer irked her. My facial expression almost mirrored that of Agent Gallo’s when Paige ranted about letting scent dogs sniff Walter’s shirt from the night before to find Stella. I bet he was thinking, “Paige is scary when she’s mad.”

I also liked the scene where Sylvester was admiring the new comic book humidor (which he later dubbed “Super-dor”) that Happy made him and was diagnosed by Toby after telling the Team Scorpion shrink that if he wants to read his comics, then he would have to wear gloves and read for four minutes. Oh, and the part where Toby tried to open the door to let himself in instead of going into the door that Happy opened was hilarious. That and that part where the elevator music system played one of Toby’s songs, which led to the shrink calling it fake Siri when he was on his way to the roof to fix a glitch.

The part where Happy used the intercom speaker that she had Walter bring to her, a large cardboard tube, and her phone to put out the fire in the pump room with low frequency sound waves, was very ingenious and risky. The song blasting from the makeshift extinguisher put out the flames for a few seconds, only to reignite seconds later. Walter took a huge risk by getting the device closer to the flames and succeeded in putting the fire out, but at the cost of getting his arm burned when his shirt sleeve caught on fire.

The genius took a couple of other risks when he temporarily killed Toby in the semi flame engulfed server room by sucking out the oxygen, much to Happy’s dismay. However, the shrink was later revived by the mechanical prodigy and jumped out of the 16th floor window to reach the fire rescue helicopter ladder for the kids to climb.

In the end, the fire in other parts of the building was put out, the worm destroyed and the person responsible, in this case, Dan Smaisle, Elias’ Head of Biometrics, was arrested (after he ran into Agent Gallo’s SUV with Paige at the wheel), and, most importantly, Walter’s name was cleared. I was a bit surprised that Walter would agree to attend Happy Hour with Ray after all that’s happened, but at least he’s going to stick with club soda this time around. Scorpion may not be as synonymous with professionalism as Toby said they were, but they get the job done.

[Photo credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS]

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