Supernatural 6.10 “Caged Heat” Review

Wow. Just…wow. Tonight’s episode of Supernatural was clearly the best episode of the season. While one might say ‘that’s kind of easy considering the episodes of season 6’, I honestly think we should be more fair than that. I believe the episodes have gotten better as the season has progressed. I really liked ‘Family Matters’, ‘Live Free or Twi-hard’and especially ‘Clap Your Hands If You Believe’.

And yet, this episode was incredibly fast-paced, tense, dirty, funny and moved the story forward in a way that not a lot of episodes this season have. In many respects, it brought forward a lot of the old elements of Supernatural from past seasons that we know and love. But enough introductory comments, let’s get to the story.

Two Crowleys for the Price of One

We open with Crowley torturing…himself. Or, rather, a shapeshifter who looks like him. He tries every trick in the book to get the alpha shapeshifter to give up the location of Purgatory. When he doesn’t, he kills him but good.

Meanwhile, the Winchester boys are still rounding up alphas for Crowley, who now sends his demon minions to collect them instead of meeting the boys himself. This time they hand over a rugaru and then go hole up in a abandoned house to regroup. Dean’s frustrated with the progress they’re making in retrieving Sam’s soul, but that’s quickly interrupted by the boys getting knocked out and tied up. By none other than Meg and a few of her demon buddies. While she’s more than happy to intimidate Dean, Sam quickly realizes that they’re in no danger from the demons. As far as he can tell, Meg actually needs their help to track down Crowley and kill him before he kills her for being a Lucifer loyalist.

When Your Co-Workers are Demons…

Dean is not pleased about the plan, but Sam rightly points out they’re already working with demons, so what’s a few more on their team. He goes outside to call on Cas (and hilariously uses the plot of Raiders of the Lost Ark to trick him into thinking they found the Ark of the Covenant). Castiel is not pleased that Sam is dragging him away from his battle in Heaven, but Sam figures he owes him one (and also threatens him).

Cas realizes that he can’t track Crowley, so the boys go to Samuel’s to search for clues. Their grandfather finds them, but doesn’t want to help turn over Crowley. Why? Everyone who said ‘I bet Crowley is holding Mary over Samuel’s head’can give yourself a prize. Apparently Crowley promised to bring Mary back to life in exchange for his assistance. Dean is incredibly angry about the situation and tries to pull the ‘we’re your blood’card on Samuel, who’s having none of it. I find this method extremely hypocritical of Dean, but we’ll get to that shortly.

So the boys head back to the motel, where Castiel is watching porn. Like everything else about being human, Cas doesn’t really understand it, so Dean attempts to school him in porn-watching protocol. It’s probably one of the funniest scenes in the show.

Samuel shows up and offers up Crowley’s location – a prison where he’s keeping various demons and alphas. The boys and Castiel meet up with Meg and her goons and plan to track down Crowley. As it turns out Meg has Ruby’s demon-killing knife (I completely forget how she got her hands on that – was it in the season 5 premiere?), but Sam gets it from her and kills one of the demons.

The Amount of Dirty Warehouses on This Show Astounds Me

Before the team regroups outside of Crowley’s prison, Castiel expresses his concerns to Dean about retrieving Sam’s soul. He thinks Sam’s soul will be extremely traumatized, but Dean wants his brother back and is prepared to do what it takes to help him overcome his trauma.

Sam, meanwhile, was overhearing the entire conversation.

The group breaks into the prison, where they are ambushed by hellhounds, who rip apart Meg’s demon goons while the others escape. The group agrees that Meg will stay behind to hold off the hounds. Before she goes, she and Cas make out, which is profoundly disturbing, and also hilarious.

Unfortunately, Samuel proves himself extremely untrustworthy and banishes Cas with a sigil and reveals he told Crowley about their plan. The brothers are ambushed and thrown into prison cells, while Meg is tied up and tortured by none other than Christian (who is still possessed by a demon).

Dean is removed from his cell and locked in another room with demons who are out to kill him (after giving Samuel a severe dressing down and threatening to kill him for what he’s done), but Sam manages to escape from his cell and save Dean in the knick of time. The brothers also kill Christian and free Meg from her torture.

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