The 10 Biggest Netflix Flops of All Time

Netflix has become one of the top streaming services over the years, with many people now cutting their cable cords to tune into and easier and more prominent way to get their TV fix. Along with classic films and television series that we have come to love over the years that they stream, Netflix has also released their fair share of original series, films, and specials for audiences to enjoy as well. While some of these originals have had their success among fans and audiences alike, there have also been some major flops when it comes down to it, showing little to know success in ratings compared to the rest. This video that we posted below helps illustrate the list of the top ten Netflix flops that have been streamed so far, and you can take a look for yourself:

“The Ranch”:

This is a newly released original series that made its streaming debut back in 2016, and is still streaming today. The show stars Ashton Kutcher, and follows the plot of a family dynamic that takes place out in the country. The show has some value to the streaming service, and does get quite a bit of views, but a lot of the content on the show is predictable, making fans not as interested.


This original series stars Will Arnett, who basically plays a man who is trying to make his way in the world one day at a time. Although the show has done alright, fans have noticed that it carries very similar nuances to that of a show called ‘Californication’, which had almost an identical plot line. The show is still streaming on Netflix.

“The Get Down”:

Attempting to follow up with the success that is ‘Stranger Things’, Netflix also tried to release an original series, called ‘The Get Down’, which was also a series that centered around adolescents during the 1970’s. At first, the series was well received by fans; However, Netflix only released the first six episodes of the series initially, and put an eight month hiatus between releasing the second half of the first season. This, of course, led to fans becoming uninterested in the series, and ‘The Get Down’, ultimately got cancelled thereafter.

“Amy Schumer: The Leather Special”:

Everyone who is anyone knows the name and comedic styles of funny lady and actress Amy Schumer. While she has put out some great specials and films in recent years, Schumer did have one flop that appeared on Netflix. “Amy Schumer: The Leather Special” ended up causing Netflix to receive bad ratings, as the majority of fans simply don’t connect with Schumer’s unbelievably raunchy humor.


This show is a bit of a mystery for many fans and subscribers to Netflix. When compared to other series that have made their debut, the show seems pretty bland and boring, as well as not receiving the best of reviews from audiences or critics, for that matter. The show, as of now, is still streaming on the service, but there is no word as to whether they will continue onto a third season in 2018.


We have seen Chelsea Handler have many talk shows over the course of her career, and she has taken to Netflix to have the very first original talk show for the service. However, many fans and audiences find that the conversations had with celebrities and stars three times a week are rather boring, and not as exciting when compared to other talk shows that we have watched for years. The talk show is still running on Netflix as of now.

“Marco Polo”:

First streaming in 2014, ‘Marco Polo’ was one of the first series in history to have an exceedingly huge budget for the initial productions. The show ran until 2016, and during that time received not so great reviews from critics. Ultimately the show flopped because of budgeting, and ended up reportedly costing Netflix around $200 million.

“True Memoirs of an International Assassin”:

This original film starred Kevin James and made its debut on the streaming service in 2016. Although it received a great deal of hype even before production began on the project, the acting and the production itself could not keep up, and left fans and critics wishing it was never even made. Ouch.

“Hemlock Grove”:

Airing in 2013, ‘Hemlock Grove’ was a series that played toward the more fantasy loving audience, and even received a couple of Emmy nominations in the very beginning. However, fans and critics both picked apart the series gradually, as the story line was questionable and slow moving all the same. The show officially ended in 2015 after a three season run.

“The Ridiculous 6”:

Typically, Adam Sandler films are known for a distinct type of humor that fans can tune into, so when he signed a contract with Netflix for the completion and release of four films, many fans were eager to see what was in store. However, with the release of “The Ridiculous 6”, which featured an excellent cast as well, was not so well received by audiences, who thought that it was slightly poor writing within the storyline. Because of his other flops that followed, which still received high streaming reviews nonetheless, Netflix extended their contract with Sandler, meaning fans will get to see even more humorous films from the actor.

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