The Best Uses of Diana Ross Songs in Movies or TV

Diana Ross was a busy woman from her earliest years since she aspirations of becoming many more things than a singer in her life. But obviously the singing career eventually came first as it’s what allowed her to be known and ultimately led to the most fame as well as the most extravagant lifestyle. She’s been one of the top performers of her day and is still greatly revered in this era by those that love the sound of her voice and the quality of her music. Well into her 70s now she’s still performing and impressing people left and right as she took up a new mini-residency in Las Vegas as of early 2018. Some performers reach a peak and then stop or find something else they’d like to accomplish in their lives, while others tend to keep going as they love what they do and can’t think of anything better or more fulfilling.

Here are some of her songs that have been used in movies and TV.

5. Phenomenon – Touch Me In the Morning

No one ever accused Forest Whitaker of having a great singing voice, at least not when he’s trying to achieve a pitch that his voice wasn’t meant for, but it’s a funny part of the movie anyway. The rest of the movie of course is focused upon George, who’s the main character that sees a flash of light in the sky and then develops a newfound intelligence that continues to grow and grow as he finds new ways to do old things and begins to expand his mind in leaps and bounds that astounds those around him. It’s when the telekinesis comes in however that he really starts getting freaked out, because honestly most people would it seems.

4. Diana Ross – Someday We’ll Be Together

The title of this song is great for a show like Quantum Leap since it seems to speak of hope that one day the weary traveler will finally get to rest. Throughout its run however the show was something that people were always willing to watch since the adventures and mishaps that took place during each episode were unpredictable and didn’t always prove to be so easy to guess. Of course when you have a time-traveling individual that somehow inhabits the bodies of those that he essentially becomes anything can happen and a lot of strange things did with each episode, but everything always got set right eventually.

3. Designing Women – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Designing Women was a show that some people watched when nothing else was on and others watched because it was genuinely funny. The ladies that made up the main cast were great in their time and managed to light up the screen since they were given a great supporting cast. A lot of people would have loved to see this show continue onward but the truth of it is at this point and time it would be too late since the show had its time and was appreciated while it was here. Like a lot of similar shows however it did have it’s fair share of guest stars and made good use of them during each episode.

2. The Replacements – I Will Survive

Ever wonder what might happen if the NFL decided to go on strike? Well the Replacements answered the hypothetical question in a big way by bringing in a bunch of guys that didn’t care about the riches and fame, they just wanted to play. Of course when the actual players heard about it they had to instigate a brawl in the local bar and this was the result, a team of misfits that finally learned how to get along with one another and stand up for each other. It might take some tremendous sort of effort for guys that are this different, but it’s always possible to pull together over a common bond.

1. Happy Gilmore – Endless Love

In real life Happy Gilmore would have been the worst thing to happen to golf, EVER. But in the movie he’s a breath of fresh air that the sport needed since he brought a very blue-collar feel to a game that many people happen to think is for a bunch of folks that stick their pinkies out when they drink a bottle of water and spend more on their clubs than some people do on their cars. In short he brought a very working class attitude to a game that requires a lot of focus, practice, and dedication and absolutely demolished it with luck and later on a lot of hard work. It’s fair to say that out of many Adam Sandler movies this one will be remembered in a big way, as it already is, simply because it was almost like a modern-day Caddyshack.

Diana Ross is still kicking it and still one of the best.

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