The Best Uses of Faith Hill Songs in Movies or TV

If someone was to ask you about the musical career of Audrey Perry you might get a really funny look on your face, but if they asked you about Faith Hill you might be able to string a few sentences together just on her voice alone and how she sounds like an absolute angel. What you might need to look up is the fact that she was adopted as an infant and that music has been a big part of her life since she was 7 years old. She’s had to work her way to the top and has suffered a few minor setbacks here and there. She did work in McDonald’s at one point and hated it, and she did fail to become a backup singer for Reba McEntire as well, but none of that stopped her from pushing forward to her desired position as a singer and a star. As of today and for a good number of years she’s been one of the top country singers around and has been an inspiration to a lot of people.

Here are some of her songs as they’ve been used in TV and movies.

5. Pearl Harbor – There You’ll Be

This movie actually took a lot of flak for not being as accurate as it could be and turning the whole war into one giant love story. But in truth there were a great many love stories that began and ended during this time and if you really look at it from that perspective it wasn’t too bad. After all, the Titanic was an epic disaster and it too was turned into one giant love story, but people flocked to that one. But all in all when it comes to stories based on events like wars people really want there to be a great deal of accuracy and if there isn’t then the movie and the director are about to get lambasted without mercy.

4. Practical Magic – This Kiss

Being a witch in a town that has a known history for not being kind to witches would be kind of tough, particularly if the witches in question couldn’t fall in love without something bad happening to the man they choose. That being said they still try, and of course things happen that are beyond their control. When they try to assume control however things continue to happen and they begin to spiral quickly out of said control until they have to finally embrace the magic and reach out to others that can help them, hoping for a miracle of some sort that will unite them and create an effect that can make everything balance the way it should.

3. Faith Hill – Let Me Let Go

Message in a Bottle is a movie that shows that it’s hard to move on when you keep clinging to a part of the past that refuses to die inside you. The past we hold onto is sometimes a very near and dear thing, but it can also lead to the refusal to move forward, to live when we need to and remember the past fondly instead of with regret. Garrett is a man that hasn’t yet learned how to push forward and past his grief when the movie starts, but by the end he’s found a way to move on, to live, but it’s too late. This is why regrets are human to have, but sometimes very self-defeating to keep.

2. My Name is Earl – Breathe

Joy is perhaps one of the worst singers you’ve ever heard but it wouldn’t pay to tell her that since she’d probably call the person that did a dummy and then trash them for their lack of good taste. Of course this is a woman that kicked her ex-husband out of his own home while he was recuperating in a hospital and still expects child support from him now that he’s got money and the kids he was raising supposedly aren’t his. But hey, that’s the messed-up world of Earl and the people he cares about. It was a funny show while it lasted though it did kind of end on a strange cliffhanger that never got solved.

1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas – Where Are You Christmas

For those that hadn’t already fallen in love with her voice this song probably helped out quite a bit when it came out since it was stunning and quite possibly one of her best songs ever. The Grinch of course is an old tale but one that a lot of us still love since it’s a great deal of fun no matter how it’s lacking in PC culture. Maybe that’s the allure, since so much of what we see and hear today is being called inappropriate. This movie was a classic when it was a cartoon and the live action version only made it more so since Jim Carrey was just too funny to ignore.

Faith Hill has an amazing voice, ’nuff said.

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