The Best Uses of Janet Jackson Songs in Movies or TV

While you could rightfully claim that her fame was close but not quite on the same level as her brother Michael’s, Janet Jackson has still been one of the most iconic stars to ever hit the stage in her time. Even to this day when new artists are coming out in droves and are starting to make a huge push to remember the past but move on from it Janet’s legacy is holding strong since she was one of those that managed to empower a lot of younger artists that have come up through the ranks in the past few decades. As one member of the Jackson family she was given leave to sing but her father kept her at an emotional distance it would seem. After second album came out she decided to part ways with her family and strike out on her own. It’s probably a good thing she did, since her career skyrocketed not long after that.

Here are a few of her songs as they’ve been heard on TV and in movies.

5. Saturday Night Live – Strawberry Bounce

There are some artists that have been on SNL multiple times and there’s a good reason for being able to celebrate this. Those selected for the show are brought on since they have something to offer that the audience likes and so long as they perform and don’t act out in a way that reflects badly on the show’s reputation there’s always a chance that they’ll be asked back. Janet is one of those that was asked to come back a few times since she’s one of the most popular singers SNL has ever featured and as a living icon is one of the many that has always managed to fill seats in expectation of her performance.

4. The Nutty Professor 2 – Doesn’t Really Matter

The Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps was a movie that some folks might have said didn’t have the chutzpah of the original and they’d be right in a way, but Eddie Murphy was bound and determined to capture that same magic again as he wanted to be able to bring the Klumps to the forefront of the movie this time since people liked them so well in the first movie. Unfortunately the whole thing kind of fell apart since people liked the Klumps in certain doses and this movie was a bit of an overload of fart jokes and other raunchy humor that kind of went the opposite way of being family friendly.

3. American Dad! – Rhythm Nation

In some ways it almost seems as though a group of writers and producers got together to play a game of ‘can you top this?’ when it came to adult-oriented cartoons. American Dad isn’t the worst of them but it’s vying for a top spot all the same since it’s the kind of show that will do whatever it takes to shock the audience and not give an apology for doing so. In fact some of the material they cover, while not entirely bad, is still eye-popping enough that you have to wonder if there are fumes from a paint factory leaking in the window to the writer’s room or if there are fumes of another sort circulating around the space.

2. Superbowl 38 – All For You

Ah yes, the infamous ‘wardrobe malfunction’ during halftime of Superbowl 38 is something that had people exclaiming up and down about what really happened and whether it was really an accident or if it was something that was done on purpose and was meant to shock the living hell out of people. To her own credit Janet covered up pretty quickly and looked absolutely shocked, but the debate about this went on for so long that people eventually stopped talking about it and just let it die down since it was a polarizing event that even Janet and Justin wanted to forget about. It’s still discussed now and again, but not as much as it used to be. It’s been a while after all.

1. Poetic Justice – Again

Sometimes things said in the heat of the moment are a condemnation of everything that’s been boiling up in a person’s life and are aimed without any care or precision or even forethought of what might happen. When Lucky finds out after a long road trip that his cousin has been killed he unloads on everyone around, including Justice, who was beginning to think that they might have a future together. At the end of the movie they reconcile and realize that not even the things he said can break their bond, and they also realize that they have something much stronger than they first realized.

Janet Jackson has had a few missteps throughout her career like a lot of people but she’s been going strong for so long that her legacy is something that can’t be touched at this point.

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