The Best Uses of Sheryl Crow Songs in Movies or TV

Apart from modeling, Sheryl Crow’s life has revolved largely around music since she’s been heavily involved in the musical scene since college and has made a stellar career out of being one of the most sought-after singers throughout the world. A lot of us can probably remember when she really came to prominence since she went off like a rocket and her songs were great to listen to since they were just a lot of fun and not too challenging when you really took the time to listen to them. A lot of her songs had so much feeling in them that it wasn’t too hard to see why she would be one of many artists that would find that her tracks were well-suited to movies and TV. While some of her stuff has gone uncredited a lot of it has been fully credited in many projects and has been widely enjoyed by even more fans that might have heard her for the first time.

Here are some of her songs that have been heard on TV and in movies.

5. I Am Sam – Mother Nature’s Son

This is one of Sean Penn’s most noted roles since it not only took a great deal of time and effort for him to learn how to act the part but it also took the rest of the cast at least a little time learning how to react and how to engage their costar throughout the movie. He plays a mentally deficient man that has a child who, by the age she’s 7, is already able to surpass him in terms of intelligence. When the courts try to take her away on the grounds that he won’t be able to take care of her Sam finds it increasingly difficult to keep his daughter, but with a support group that rallies around him in an attempt to help and keep him and Lucy together things turn out to be just fine.

4. Big Daddy – Sweet Child O’ Mine

For quite some time Adam Sandler was the man-child that never wanted to grow up, and in this movie he got the same chance to show that side of himself. When Julian is dropped into his lap, metaphorically, he has to suddenly grow up and learn how to take care of a child and, as a result, how to be a responsible adult. However when it’s discovered that he’s passing himself off as his roommate so that he can take care of Julian he nearly goes to jail and his roommate makes a startling revelation that he is in fact Julian’s father. After this Sonny learns how to be an adult finally and maintains a special friendship with Julian while starting his own family.

3. Tomorrow Never Dies – Tomorrow Never Dies

James Bond has been a hallmark of the movies for a long time and Pierce Brosnan was perhaps one of the most well-liked and respected of the bunch since he brought a new level of class to the title of 007 that a lot of the others had already built upon. In this one he’s after a news media tycoon that is trying to start a war between the US and China, along with a Chinese secret agent. As you might expect it’s a lot of death-defying stunts, Bond’s charming wit, and of course his insatiable desire to flirt with and possibly bed any woman that will have him. James Bond is a lot of things, but a womanizer is definitely one of them.

2. Point Break – Hundreds of Tears

When this film came out it was kind of a hit and miss with some people since a lot of folks weren’t into surfing all that much and didn’t see the point of it. But once you watched and looked a little deeper you could see that there was a kind of zen feeling to it that didn’t always mesh with the main point but still sough to slow things down just a bit and see what Bodhi and his gang were really trying to feel. That pure rush of adrenaline that he was after so constantly and the need to feel the ultimate rush was Bodhi’s life and he lived at a pace that many simply couldn’t tolerate, or match.

1. Sheryl Crow – Every Day Is A Winding Road

Phenomenon is that type of film you either feel interested in watching or disregard entirely until there’s nothing on and you want to watch something. Then you find out that it’s actually pretty good. George is the guy in town that people like but isn’t always dependable. He’s a good friend and little else but when he thinks he’s been visited by aliens he starts formulating ideas and finding that he’s able to do things he was never capable of before, telekinesis being just one of the more amazing qualities. Unfortunately as people are wont to do a lot of folks were terrified of this and almost cut ties with him entirely. In the end it was discovered that he had a brain tumor that had been activating other areas of his brain and giving him a kind of jump start, if only for a little while.

Sheryl Crow’s voice adds a lot to any project she’s asked to work on.

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