The Bold and the Beautiful Relationships We Forgot About

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are certainly in a place where they can make things work in their favor, but what about the rest of us? There are so many couples who come and go around here, and it seems like they don’t work out here the same way they work out elsewhere. It’s because this show is about less drama in other aspects of life and more drama in the bedroom. These couples only work for a moment at a time, but they always end up back together. However, there are a few couples who were just not that good together. If you want to know how we know they were not that good together, just listen to this; they were so bad we forgot they were together at all. That’s how we know.

Oliver and Hope

You don’t forget this couple, but you do forget him. You forget that he is Hope’s first true love. It was not Liam. She only fell for him much later in her life. It was this young man she fell for when she was a teenager, and it’s him she spent so much of her time with. Steffy tried to take him from her, because that is how they were back then. But we forget about him all the time. We always forget about him because we see Liam as her one true love and the man she always loved. But, we do remember Oliver as that one guy she was dating who was so stupid. He was stupid enough to think that his girlfriend, who made it very clear to him she was a virgin and planned to stay that way, would suddenly change her mind and hook up with him at a costume party without even removing all their clothes for her first time. It was her mother, and that was beyond awkward.

Macy and Deacon

She’s been gone for a long time, but she was once with Deacon and it’s easy to forget that. She was Thorne’s one true love, and he even made that clear when he decided to end his marriage to Katie recently. But, she was with Deacon, too. She was with him when they were in the middle of some hard times in their lives. They were struggling so much, and it was not something that they could handle on their own. We know that they had so much to offer, so much to give, and so much to go on, but we didn’t know that they would have such an interesting relationship. They tried to make it work, but it did not. It did not work because she was killed.

Eric an Sheila

It’s hard to remember there was a time he was interested in this horrible woman who will pretend to die and then come back from the dead every few years to make him miserable. She wanted nothing more than to be married to him so that she could take his name, his money, and his fame, and she is always trying to get back to that point in their lives. She came from Genoa City where she’d once faked her own death and decided to move to LA. She met Eric, loved his situation, and she married him. Lauren Fenmore, from Genoa City, found out she was alive and well, came to LA, and she shared the truth about Sheila with everyone. But, she was quicker than her enemy, and Sheila got pregnant and pretended the baby belonged to Eric so that she could keep him. That’s when he told her that he had a vasectomy and could not have a baby. He divorced her, and she left town. She always comes back, but it’s easy to forget that she was there from time to time. She was back for a while a year or so ago trying to win him back from Quinn, and he almost forgot what a horrible woman she was and spent some tine with her. Fortunately for us, he forgot for only a moment. Maybe because he chose Quinn, and she’s not known for being the nicest of the nice in any situation, either.

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