The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Will Steffy Adopt A Baby

The Bold and the Beautiful fans watched the week start on just as sad a note as it ended last week. No one will ever get over what horrible things just happened to their sweet lovable happy couple of the year, and this is horrible. Their baby died before they even had a chance to meet her, and there is nothing as heartbreaking to consider. Our hearts certainly hurt for them, and that’s what we can expect to see and hear from them in the near future. Liam made a promise to his ex and his daughter in this beginning of the week to always be there for them, and we aren’t sure that this is good news. We don’t think that’s a promise you have to say out loud and make. You’re a father, and that is what you naturally do – you don’t make statements about it. Your actions simply prove it.

There’s a new woman in town, and her name is Florence. She’s someone from Reese’s past, and he is not hesitant to introduce her to Taylor, who he is trying to prove his feelings for. Florence has a newborn baby, and it seems to us that her story is very interesting and not quite what it should be. Reese is working very hard to make Taylor feel that he means what he says, but we can’t quite put our mind to the fact that there is something else going on around here that might just make a bit of a difference. What is this woman really doing here, and what might this mean for everyone else involved in this situation? We just don’t know, but we suspect that it might just be a bad thing. We may need more time to deal with that, though.

What’s Happening on The Bold and the Beautiful

Seems like a good indication of job security, if you ask us. That would be a nice change, right?

What’s Next on the Bold and the Beautiful

This day is about to turn stranger than you might have ever imagined. There is a lot happening around here, and we think that there is a chance it might be more than we can handle. For example, we know that Reese has an old friend in town, and he’s going to ask her a big favor. And then we are going to see Taylor do the same of her daughter. But this favor she’s giving to Steffy to consider is not one that we can control in any other way other than to basically stand there with our mouths open and decide what we think will happen if she says yes. You see, she’s going to ask her daughter if there is a chance she would like to adopt the baby that Florence brought with her. Adopt. A. New. Baby.

She just had her own baby, and now she’s giving her daughter a chance to adopt one. And we can only imagine how this will go over with everyone else. Hope and Liam just lost a daughter, and Steffy already has one. Will this make anyone else feel good about what is going on? Will Hope be horrified if Steffy says yes and gets to have two babies? Or will she find a way to make things work? We have no idea, but we suspect this will go a way that doesn’t end well for a family, and we cannot handle what might happen next. However, we are very excited about all of it.

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