The Five Best Alexandra Daddario Movies of Her Career

Alexandra Daddario is hard to miss because of her penetrating blue eyes most of all, but her acting talent has been growing since she stepped on the scene as well. One unfortunate part of her act though is that she tends to get overstepped by her costars that have bigger names than she does in show business or are simply very overwhelming when it comes to their presence. She’s starred with Dwayne Johnson at least twice now and trying to shine when he’s in the room has to be kind of tough. So far though she’s made her way forward and continued to push through in many projects since she’s become a known name now. This is great because before that she was known primarily for her looks and those eyes that are just hypnotic in a way. Really, no joke, trying looking away, it’s a bit difficult since they draw you in.

Here are five of her best movies so far to date.

5. San Andreas

The San Andreas Fault has been a long-standing worry for many people in California since it’s somewhere in the range of 700 miles long and is connected to another fault that is even bigger. The Big One, as it’s been called, is rumored to be able to level the entire west coast. As to feeling it on the east coast, some people have decided to debate this and the idea that the fault could slip at any time since it’s overdue is something that people either worry incessantly about or put out of their minds since if such a thing did happen that outrunning it as some people manage to do in the movie really wouldn’t be all that possible.

4. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D

A lot of times when you hear Texas Chainsaw Massacre you tend to think it’s going to be more of the same. In this case it kind of is, but at the same time it’s something different since Heather, who is coming to collect her inheritance, has no idea who she really is as she was adopted when she was very young. When Leatherface appears and kills off her friends and the law that was a part of killing his family he spares her when he sees a certain birthmark on her chest. It turns out that she’s one of the dreaded Sawyer clan, the same people responsible for creating Leatherface and starting the nightmare. By the end of the film she’s taken her place as one of the Sawyer’s, and the nightmare has begun again.

3. Hall Pass

Hall Pass is a great movie for married couples that might be experiencing a bit of a lag in their relationship since it’s a great laugh and a great lesson in what it takes to keep a marriage alive and engaging. The whole idea that married men can’t really go back to dating is more of a personal thing in the real world, but in this movie it’s kind of proven that married men are more or less socially helpless when it comes to being apart from their wives. Marriage is in fact something you don’t give up quite so easily since it’s a bond that is the culmination of years of waiting for the right person to come along, and it’s a doorway you don’t just walk back through that easily.

2. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

A daughter of Athena vs. a son of Poseidon. That kind of a match seems like it would be one-sided since a born warrior versus a person with an affinity for one of earth’s most prevalent elements doesn’t seem like it would be a challenge. But without his connection to the waters that give him his power Percy is very outmatched. But grant him the access he needs and there’s not much he can’t do since any warrior, no matter how strong, isn’t going to beat out an element that’s as fluid, supple, and inherently strong as the very water that surrounds and binds them in so many different ways. Yeah, a descendant of Poseidon would take this pretty easily.

1. Baywatch

So let’s be clear, critics and viewers alike lambasted this movie and called it one of the biggest wastes of time of last summer’s lineup. In truth however it was one of the funniest and most engaging movies of the entire year and for some reason it got knocked down a few pegs since it wasn’t just like the show. Honestly that’s why it was so great, it incorporated elements of the show and even brought back the ‘Hoff as well as Pamela Anderson for cameos. If that’s not the kind of respect it needed to give then people are simply expecting too much out of what was supposed to be an amusing film.

Her fame seems to still be growing, but Alexandra is still a lot of fun to see when she pops up on screen.

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