The Five Best Anna Faris Movies of Her Career

It’s easy to see Anna Faris being typecast as a funny woman since that’s a lot of what she’s done in her career. But aside from the movies she’s done a few things that have been less than funny and more dramatic, but she’s also done comedy that kind of fell flat and didn’t attract a lot of viewers. For her own parts however she’s done great since she is the kind of person that doesn’t always come off as comical but manages to make it work all the same. That being said you might not agree with some of the items on this list but I’ll do what I can to explain them and make you understand why they belong there in the first place. Anna is simply hilarious, there’s no question about it, but you can’t go blaming an actress or an actor for a bad bit of dialogue or a less than developed plot. They’re kind of bound by what they’re given to work with at times.

Here are some of Anna’s best films to date.

5. Overboard

So yes, this was met with a lot of groaning and ‘why?’ when it was first announced that it was coming out. You can’t blame people on that count since doing the same thing that Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell immortalized years before seems like a lame attempt at one-upping a favorite movie. But for all that you also can’t help but admit that it’s a bit pleasing to see a spoiled, pampered individual that’s never worked a day in their life get knocked down a dozen pegs or more and introduced to how the rest of the world lives, or at least how someone less fortunate lives. It was a cute and touching movie and it did pay at least a small bit of respect to the original.

4. Hot Chick

A lot of us have had that one friend that’s kind of a ditz and just goes along with anything we say, and in this film that would be Anna’s character since she’s not entirely stupid but she is bound to stick by her friend no matter how rude or insensitive she is. But when her friend comes to realize just how much she’s taken advantage of everyone in her life she comes to understand why people don’t like her and how hurtful she’s really been. By the end of the film she’s become a much better person and her friends have noticed the change and are glad to see that she’s received their messages when it comes to being more caring of their needs.

3. Scary Movie 2

So yes there are two of the Scary Movie entries on here since this one just couldn’t be left out as it’s one of the best that was created and the last that Shawn and Marlon Wayans are in. That could be the link to why the Scary Movie series kind of went downhill, but Anna Faris has been there for all of them and that’s been acceptable enough for a lot of people when it comes to sticking with it. In this one however the core crew, minus three of those from the first movie, is back together to experience another round of horror spoofs that take us through the Haunting, Hollow Man, and a slew of other films that are parodied in a hilarious manner.

2. Waiting

You might think that pitting Anna with a guy like Ryan Reynolds would give him the distinct advantage since he’s usually so off the wall funny that it might seem that she couldn’t keep up. But throughout the movie it’s seen that she does more than keep up, she matches Ryan line for line as they go toe to toe in a few scenes and don’t bother sparing the sensibilities. That’s what made this movie so great since it was in many ways a real representation of what a lot of servers go through in an average day, give or take a few more disgusting moments. If you’re server or have ever been in the food industry this is a movie you might enjoy.

1. Scary Movie

It seems fair to say that no one really knew what to expect when this one came out but it did help to immortalize Anna Faris since she was the main character and the one that everyone paid attention to. This is with Carmen Electra running around in her underwear to start with, and Shawn and Marlon Wayans, and Shannon Elizabeth, and everyone else that was famous before they came to this movie. Seriously, Anna became the star of this movie and from that point on the Scary Movie series kind of became all hers in a way. Once the Wayans left she and Regina King were the only two that stuck around.

She’s a great actress, ’nuff said.

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