The Five Best Michael Bay Directed Movies of His Career

When you think of a Michael Bay movie you tend to think of explosions, action, and a lot of special effects that take up a good portion of the film in an amazing way that captures the attention of the audience and sometimes even makes them forget about plot holes and other failings in the movie that weren’t fully shored up. But all in all Bay movies do bring a lot of entertainment since the quiet moments tend to add to the action in a way that gives the calm before the storm and binds the entire thing together so it’s not just one big ball of special effects with explosions going off and weapons fire chattering every second. He has managed to put together some quality films that have been widely appreciated by many audience members, but there is one franchise that seems to be suffering the longer it’s allowed to go on.

Here are a few of Michael Bay’s best movies to date.

5. Armageddon

When watching a movie it’s sometimes important to toss out conventional thought and just go with it. That’s why the idea of enlisting a professional drilling crew that knows what they’re doing and giving them a crash course on astronaut training makes so much sense in this movie. When a meteor the size of Texas is on a collision course with earth there’s not a lot that can be done but bend over and kiss your butt goodbye, but in the movies there’s always a chance if there’s someone gutsy enough to make the kind of call that needs to be made and someone that’s just crazy enough to try and do something that presumably can’t be done.

4. 13 Hours

Real courage isn’t running away and it isn’t always standing your ground, it’s doing the right thing when you have the chance. In this film, that was based on a true story, it’s seen that only a few men stood up to many in a debacle that was mismanaged when reported on by someone, we won’t say who at this point, that might have done a much better job of letting the American people know what really happened. The situation in Benghazi has been a point of contention for years now and is also something that some folks have pointed to when it comes to the elections, but very few people know the whole story.

3. The Rock

Alcatraz once had the distinction of being one of the toughest prisons ever constructed, but it’s also carried along some of the most incredible and daring stories of escape as well. When the Rock is taken over by a band of military extremists that take a group of tourists hostage it’s up to the US military, men that are now ordered to strike against their fellow soldiers, to infiltrate and evacuate the prisoners and deal with the extremists. Unfortunately for them the group controlling the Rock are highly-trained combat veterans that have seen their share of duty and more and aren’t so easily fooled.

2. Bad Boys

A life of crime in Miami seems to be all the rage until you put Marcus and Mike on the case, since they’re the type that are bound to bust up the party and get a little payback when a good friend of Mike’s is killed due to an overly ambitious thief/former cop that runs afoul of his drug-dealing partner. When the two get into the thick of it they discover that there’s a surviving witness that can identify the dealers, but the dealers are well aware of who she is and are on her trail. As the two do their best to keep her safe they also have to contend with the dealers as the bullets start to fly and the weight of this case begins to drag on them just a bit.

1. Transformers

This was an insanely special moment since the last Transformers movie that came out was animated and wasn’t nearly as smooth as this one. Michael Bay managed to bring to life one of our childhood memories in a way that was simply awesome but was still heavily criticized in many ways. So yes, Bumblebee ‘lubricating’ a person wasn’t all that PC, but it wasn’t exactly necessary to criticize the whole movie since it was done in a way that was awesome as well as comedic in some parts and even went a bit fringe now and again. The only problem with the movie is that Bay kept making them and apparently still intends to keep making them. The effects keep getting better, but the story is suffering as the source material is ripped up and pieced back together in a very haphazard manner.

Explosions, action, and drama are a volatile mix, and Michael Bay does a fairly good job of it.

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