The Five Best Michael J. Fox Movies of His Career

A lot of us grew up watching Michael J. Fox on TV while others might have seen him in movies for the first time. But no matter where you saw him the guy has been sensational throughout his career. It’s kind of interesting to note that at one point it was believed that he was simply too short and too obscure of an actor to believe that he would ever be that famous. He proved a lot of people wrong when his fame started to rise and his name simply took off and became something that a lot of people knew the moment the J was pronounced. To this day you might find that at least 8 out of 10 people have heard of him, and among those 8 at least 6 could rattle off a long list of movies that he’s starred in throughout his career. And if they don’t recite the name Family Ties then it might mean they were born after the show went off the air.

Here are 5 of his best movies from a career that’s been nothing but stellar.

5. Doc Hollywood

A promising young plastic surgeon on his way to Beverly Hills takes a sudden detour from the life he expected when he ends up plowing his car into a fence, totaling it, and then having to pay restitution for the ruined fence. He quickly comes to find that life out in the boonies is a lot different than the big city, and yet for all that he also comes to realize that there might be something in the country that he’s been missing without ever knowing it. When he starts falling in love with one of the local women he can’t help but be torn about moving on or staying put, but by the end of the film his mind has been made up and the allure of the city is no longer as strong.

4. Bright Lights Big City

Jamie’s kind of a mess after his wife leaves him since he’s still dealing with the death of his mother from a year before and ha been avoiding just about anyone that isn’t into partying at night. Unfortunately the night life he prefers has been wreaking havoc with his job, while the fact that his wife left him for her own reasons doesn’t help. In the end however the partying, the drinking, and the drugs become a big reason why his life is off track and as he realizes this he also comes to realize that he’s going to have to take responsibility for the things he’s done and the life he’s been living.

3. Teen Wolf

This is definitely not the Teen Wolf that a lot of people would be thinking about these days since this was a comedy and nowhere near the dark and horrifying show that has been unleashed in previous years. Instead this movie is all about Fox turning into a werewolf only to realize that he’s descended from werewolves and is just now coming into his abilities. Unfortunately he comes to rely too much on the wolf in him and loses his sense of self after a while. Thankfully by the end he learns how to harness the power and be the person he’s been since the beginning, with just a nudge here and there to even things out.

2. Secret of My Success

Brantley didn’t exactly work as hard as he could to secure a future, he simply outsmarted someone that was taking the Pemrose company down a bad path. You could argue however that he was doing this for good reasons since if the Pemrose company had been allowed to merge with another company every employee of theirs would have been fired. So in reality while he’s living a double life as himself and Carlton Whitfield he’s also doing what he can to save the company for his future. If he’s thinking about others it’s in a peripheral manner but it still kind of counts since Michael J. Fox rarely played the bad guy, if ever.

1. Back to the Future

You kind of had to know that this would be number one. The sequel to this movie was great, but the original is still the best since it introduced us to time travel in a new and exciting way that was insane but still grounded in movie science that, while unreal, is convincing enough to make us believe for a couple of hours that such things might be possible. The flux capacitor is still one of the greatest and most widely-known movie props that people remember from this movie, as is the Delorean. Marty McFly was one of the greatest time travelers to ever grace the screen without a doubt, and it’s unfortunate that we’ll probably never see him again.

It would be a miracle if we did, but at this point Michael’s fight with Parkinson’s would make it too difficult it seems. We have the memories at least, and that’s enough.

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