The Five Best Songs from the Ready Player One Soundtrack

It’s amazing how much we forget about pop culture or at least how much we discount once we continue to move on with our lives. Ready Player One is a movie that made us remember a great deal of what made the past so great however as it reminded us of the vast number of pop culture icons that have come and gone throughout the years. The idea that people would want to escape into a place like the Oasis isn’t hard to imagine when the world has become a severely overcrowded version of itself without anywhere left to explore. Even better though is the soundtrack as it allows us to remember the music of the past and just why we liked in the first place and perhaps still like it today. There’s nothing quite like a little jolt of remembrance to the days when we used to enjoy the simpler things.

Here are some of the best songs from the movie.

5. Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)

Wade’s life isn’t perfect by any means since he lives in the new age trailer parks called the Stacks, which seems like it could be too real if anyone ever approved this kind of thing. But in the Oasis, as Parzival, he’s one of the greatest and most knowledgeable people around. He’s a true student of the game in just about every way and has studied so many different facts and hidden bits of data that he likely knows the Oasis’ creator better than just about anyone. But the knowledge that he gains is something that could be his ticket to greatness and ruin all in the same breath since he’s not the only one looking for the ability to control the Oasis.

4. Pure Imagination

Wade is something of an idealist in that he wants things to make sense and believes that, at times, they should conform to the program, or in other words be the way they should be. Unfortunately as good as he is at the game and as smart as he can be, Wade is still a little naive in the ways of human beings. This could be argued as being a byproduct of spending too much time inside the Oasis, where nothing is ever as it seems and the real world just kind of fades away. Sometimes you’ve got to disconnect and let the fantasy be just that, the fantasy. After all, the real world is what’s real.

3. Stayin’ Alive

Parzival and Artemis do make a great couple but she’s far more grounded in reality than he is considering that she’s fighting for something that Wade doesn’t fully understand when they first meet. Her goal is to take IOI down and wrest any and all control of the Oasis from their hands. In some respects she’s a rebel since she doesn’t conform to the will of authority and gladly defies them every chance she gets. But in trying to open Parzival’s eyes she finds it difficult because he’s so entranced by her that he kind of forgets just why people come to the Oasis, which is to hide and not be seen for who they really are.

2. Everybody Wants to Rule the World

This is kind of a depressing look at a future that seems to offer no hope save for the one slim chance that someone in the gaming world might make life better for everyone if they happen to win the challenge that was laid down by the creator of the game upon his death. Unfortunatley if IOI wins the game things are only bound to get worse, and the company has the kind of funding that’s needed to hire on hundreds of gamers that work for them and do their bidding. This means that the hardcore gamers that do their best with what they have are a bit shortchanged when it comes to winning, but it also means that they learn how to do with less and conquer in a much more decisive fashion.

1. We’re Not Gonna Take It

Throughout much of the movie it’s a very winner-take-all feeling as the many players do their absolute best to stand on their own or in smaller groups to achieve a goal within the game. But when it comes down to the final battle vs. IOI the gaming world unites and converges on the company as they seek to find and conquer the final challenge that will allow them to gain control of the Oasis. Wade and his group are quick to try and speak to those of the Oasis to come and help so that IOI won’t win the prize, and that the Oasis will remain unchanged as it needs to in order to allow them all the chance to be great as always.

This last fight is simply epic.

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