The Five Best Sugar Ray Songs of All-Time

The band Sugar Ray made their debut in 1995 but it wouldn’t be until 1997 that they really started gaining recognition as something special. When they first came out a lot of us can probably recall that they were one of the hottest groups around thanks to their fresh sound and their ability to speak to the youth of the era. But thankfully while some might have called them a one-hit wonder others saw potential in what they could do. They’ve kind of gone up and down throughout the years as far as popularity but people still know who they are and can still enjoy their earlier hits if they don’t really care for the new stuff. One thing about Sugar Ray that a lot of people can agree on is that while they’re not on top all of the time they’re never too far from anyone’s thoughts since they did manage to create a few very memorable songs.

Here are some of their best songs of all time.

5. Falls Apart

A great thing about this band is that their sound has varying levels and textures to each song, though there are those notes within each song that seem to be kind of the same but are different enough throughout each track that they can be seen as completely different songs. Mark McGrath’s voice is kind of hard to make any different with new lyrics or even a different-sounding song, but the band’s music seems to exist along a spectrum that’s easily traversed when you go from their earlier tracks to now. In short, they’ve developed throughout the years and yet stayed with the same kind of sound just enough so that they can be distinguished.

4. When It’s Over

Sugar Ray is a band that women flock to, there’s no doubt about it. It’s either because of Mark or because the music just seems to be soft enough yet fun enough that it’s able to draw people in like moths to a flame. The sexuality of their videos, some of them at least, is telling in how the image of the band has been built up throughout the years, and it’s been seen even in concerts and in clubs where their music plays that women sometimes go a little nuts when they hear the words. Given the fact that they started out in the 90s and kind of carried that feeling into the rest of their career it’s not hard to see how people might still enjoy the same feelings their songs bring.

3. Someday

Some of their music is provocative while some is just simple and kind of nice since it still has a fairly sexual feeling thanks to their videos, but it’s calm enough that you don’t get a very strong and overbearing feeling from it. In many ways their music is pretty much for anyone that happens to like having a good time, upbeat and yet melancholy in ways that don’t seem to matter as much but are still able to be recognized before moving on to the next thing in life. As a band Sugar Ray is the kind of group that makes you want to dance not so much because it’s the thing to do, but in appreciation of the music.

2. Every Morning

Some of their earlier songs were just fun, there’s no other way to say it. The videos weren’t so over the top crazy that you wondered what they were doing, but at the same time they were just nutty enough that they weren’t bland or dry. One thing you got used to seeing in Sugar Ray videos was the use of beautiful women that were either scantily clad or dressed up in outfits that made sure people could see how gorgeous they were. In this way they were one of the perfect 90s bands since they took full advantage of the sex appeal that was to be had by those that could be used as pleasing visuals.

1. Fly

By far and large this was the song that helped them to become the big hits they were in the 90s. It was on the radio continually, in the clubs, and was one of the many songs that people were singing constantly throughout the latter half of the 90s. Fly was one of those songs that was just insane fun and bounced enough on the tongue so that it was considered to be a fun and engaging track. On top of that, there was a version in which Super Cat wasn’t added in and it changed the song entirely. Plus the fact that the song was supposed to be darker than it was struck a lot of people as odd since the sound was so upbeat. This was also the song that made a lot of people think that Sugar Ray was a one-hit wonder.

Thankfully the people aren’t always right.

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