The Flash Television Show Gets the “Honest Trailers” Treatment

Grant Gustin The Flash

Screenjunkies has become world famous because of how amazing their “honest trailers” series is.   While the site was great before this, I personally believe their honest trailers has really put them on the mainstream media map.  Virtually every one of these nails whatever show or movie they are mocking.  It’s no different this time with The CW’s The Flash.   The Flash has been a stable on the CW so clearly it was time to give the show the honest treatment.

The season you’ll see below covered the Flashpoint alternate timeline.  However, as you’ll see, this trailer decides to cover all of the events leading up to then.  However, notice that it points out some of the ridiculous things that characters missed.  Things that are only missed simply because “it’s a TV show.”  Junkies captures the melodrama perfectly which includes Dr Harrison who clearly can’t be trusted and other things that simply cannot be unseen.

When you actually think about it, this trailer could easily be turned into some sort of “Flash Drinking Game.”  Think about drinking each time that Caitlyn mentions her fiancee.  How about a beer for every time Cisco puts things in his mouth?  And you know how Barry loves to bobble his head?  Put those three together and you’ll be drunk within 10 minutes of watching the show.

Anyway, enjoy this trailer.  It’s pretty funny.

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