The Reason Kim Kardashian is Stopping Thong Bikini Pics

Kim Kardashian West is undoubtedly a trendsetter. Her fashion and makeup has been influencing styles ever since she and her family started dominating Instagram. But recently, Kim has started to set a different kind of trend. In a departure from her usual image, Kim announced that she’ll stop taking thong bikini pics and other, overly sexy photos. This shift seems sudden, but for anyone who follows Kim closely, it’s been a gradual process.

How it Started

Kim didn’t start the sexiest phase of her public image until after she started her relationship with Kanye West. At that point, Kanye took over as her stylist. To him, it was important to have her look both sexy and fashionable, and he certainly succeeded. This was one of Kim’s most striking fashion eras. When she wasn’t busy modeling the Yeezy clothing line in her day to day looks, she was baring quite a bit of skin. Who could forget her bare bod in Kanye’s Bound 2 music video, or that one infamous photoshoot. Kim might’ve stuck with that sexy image indefinitely, if not for the life changes that she’s recently gone through.

Why She Stopped

Part of the reason Kim has stopped posting sexy photos is because she’s maturing. Kim’s fashion history tends reflects her age and where she is in life. Before, when she was young and having fun, it was fine to be outrageous with her fashion. Now, Kim wants to reflect a different image. One major development in her life is that she became a mother. As a mother to four young children, Kim has expressed a desire to be more toned-down for their sake. It’s obvious that she supports her kids’ fashion choices, but she still wants to set a certain standard. The earliest example of this is the look she wore to her first Met Gala. The Givenchy floral gown was full coverage, save for a generous leg slit.

Kim was pregnant at the time, and wanted to do something different from her usual style. Unfortunately, the gown did not go over well. However, in retrospect, it’s easier to see the merits of that look. Another reason for her change is that she has started to pursue a career in criminal justice. Her most publicized achievement was achieving a presidential declaration of clemency for Alice Marie Johnson. Johnson was serving a lengthy sentence on drug related charges. She’d served over twenty years in prison, despite not committing any violence or serious offenses. Kim had heard of the story was moved to make a petition on the woman’s behalf. After that, Kim has quietly continued to work on her law degree. With her clothes, Kim wants to show that change in focus. She’s said that it’s her hope that changing her public image will help people will take her more seriously.

The other main reason for Kim’s change is Kanye. Her husband has also entered a new phase in his life, and his opinions about Kim’s clothes have changed accordingly. Kanye has recently become a very vocal, conservative Christian. He even performed on a Sunday at popular mega church, Lakewood. As such, he’s been pushing Kim to make different choices with her clothes. It seems that, overall, the two parents want to move away from having sexiness be the main focus. Rather, both want to be seen more for their actions.

A Source of Contention

Kim’s sexy looks also became a source of contention between her and her husband. Kim’s 2019 Met Gala look proved to be a step too far for Kanye. The infamous look was designed by Thierry Mugler, and was meant to mimic someone just coming out of the water. The dress was undeniably sexy. The length was short, with a wide opening at the front and plenty of skin tight fabric. It was also the source of one of Kim’s most iconic trends: the snatched waist. The corset she wore with the outfit was so small and constricting that she actually had to practice wearing it.

Despite it creating an iconic fashion moment, Kanye wasn’t happy. The Kardashians released footage of Kanye telling Kim as much, right as she was getting ready for the Met Gala. He said that he no longer appreciated that she was wearing overly sexy clothes in public. Kim responded by rightly pointing out that he was the one who helped develop her sexy image. Luckily, it seems that the couple has come to some sort of an agreement. Kim now has her own reasons for changing her wardrobe. And although she still looks sexy, she’s limiting how much she’s willing to reveal in public.

Kim’s New Wardrobe

Kim’s new focus is making mature, conservative clothing look fashionable, and thus far she’s been succeeding. She still favors tight clothes, but now she ensures that they provide coverage as well. She also tends to hide raunchier choices with smart layering. True to herself though, she isn’t afraid to show off the occasional peek of skin. One of her recent outfits was a suit jacket without a shirt. The look was trendy and covered-up, but it did show off plenty of cleavage. She’s also still on trend with crop tops, though hers are long enough to show just a sliver of stomach. On Keeping up With the Kardashians, she’s also displayed a shift. In a lot of episodes, she can be seen lounging in trendy, oversized streetwear pieces.

Still an Icon

Regardless of these new developments, Kim is still an icon. Although she’s toned down her usual sexy pictures, her Instagram is still followed by hundreds of millions of people. And all these fans have proved willing to take their cues from her. But it will be interesting to see how Kim’s new wardrobe will affect upcoming trends. Fashion designers have also been moving more towards sparse designs, mimicking utilitarian styles. It’s quite possible that those conservative looks, along with Kim’s, could become the next big thing.

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