The Venom Hulk has Arrived and It’s As Awesome as It Sounds

Venom Hulk

I kind of have to agree with Andrew Dyce of ScreenRant, Venom Hulk is just glorious and is insanely awesome to look at since it’s the melding of two of the greatest and most powerful characters in the Marvel universe. There are a lot of questions to be asked and answered however but still, the idea of the Venom symbiote augmenting the Hulk’s natural strength and size is beyond awesome since put together you can’t help but think that the challenge they represent would be beyond many of their enemies and would likely put them in a much bigger weight class when it comes to the kind of power they represent. Think of it, they can both heal from wounds, they both have a natural level of aggression that allows them to become ultra-violent when they need to, and it’s insanely hard to stop either of them. There are a few attacks and qualities that might not be possible given the weaknesses of Venom, but I’ll get into that.

When you look at the power levels that each character has on their own you come to realize that Venom is a bit weaker when it doesn’t have a host, since of course Venom takes on the rough form of its host even as it augments whatever power they possess. Of course with Eddie Brock it had to basically be the more powerful of the two since Brock is an average human. When taking on the form of the Hulk however it would almost seem as though Venom might be able to bolster the already insurmountable power of the Hulk instead of augmenting it beyond belief. One thing that seems evident is that since both of them can heal at a rapid pace that damaging Venom Hulk would be next to impossible unless it came down to two of the main detractors that Venom is fairly weak against, excessive sound waves and fire. The idea of Venom taking on the Hulk one on one when paired with another host is one that many fully believe is moot. Hulk would pulverize Venom with his thunder clap alone, which would be enough stun or kill him, and despite the host of powers that Venom has the Hulk can use that thunderclap quite often. But working together? That’s a lethal combination that makes a lot of sense to take on someone like Carnage or another high-powered and crazed enemy.

The funny thing about this is that due to their vast difference in size Venom can’t even cover the entirety of the Hulk’s body and can only shift to cover certain areas as is needed. Given how impervious the Hulk’s skin is to many different types of attacks however it would almost seem as though Venom only needs to find a resting spot and work as it will to bolster the jade giant. Taking on Carnage would still be a tough fight however and people are going to have to wait and see just how this goes since while Venom Hulk is bound to be awesome, and there’s every thought that he might be, it’s going to be a knockdown, drag-out brawl between the two thanks to healing factors, immense strength levels, and a whole lot of crazy that has more to do with the symbiotes than the Hulk.

As a matter of fact though a lot of people think that Carnage would fall to the Hulk as well since despite not having as many glaring weaknesses as its parent, the Carnage symbiote has a wider range of capabilities since it was ‘born’ and acclimated to earth so much quicker and had to become stronger than Venom. Still, despite his enhanced strength Carnage still isn’t a match for the Hulk, as the thunderclap could still wreak havoc on the red-skinned symbiote. In fact Hulk could probably tear Carnage in half when enraged and suffer minimal damage in the process. With Venom added to his power it does seem as though Carnage won’t stand as much of a chance, unless of course Venom and Hulk can’t coexists as peacefully, since without Bruce Banner to rein the Hulk in the beast is all anger and power and no common sense, meaning it’s very possible that Hulk might fight Venom for a bit until realizing that it’s better to work together. Unfortunately a moment or two is all Carnage needs sometimes and it’s very possible that Carnage could do some damage if his own power has been increased a bit.

So in other words get ready for an epic fight since it takes a seriously powerful opponent to take on Hulk to start with, and with Carnage it’s hard to tell just what’s going to come next. It’s going to be interesting to see just what Venom Hulk can do.

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