There’s Going to be a Die Hard Board Game, Period

So let’s not debate about Die Hard being a Christmas movie anymore, since it is, and start talking about the board game that’s being released about it. Yeah, you read that right, a board game is coming out that you can play based on the popular movie, will wonders never cease. That might sound like sarcasm but quite honestly it’s more reverence than anything since while a video game would likely give a person a much more immersive experience into the whole experience, a board game does seem like it would make you think a great deal more and adapt a little quicker to the given situation.

There haven’t been a lot of details released about the game as of yet but for those of us that have watched the movie we can just imagine what it’s going to be like since the idea is that you’re being dropped right in the middle of the action and are expected to get out in one piece, more or less, and finish the game in one way or another. The trick of it is that one person gets to play John McClane and the others are going to be the terrorists trying to stop him. Yep, this time around the situation could have a few very different endings since it’s all a matter of who can outwit who and just how the situations are going to go down according to the players. That makes things a little more interesting since the movie was much the same, but John proved to be a lot more slippery than Hans had initially thought possible. Of course it’s still a wonder as to how the movements in the game are going to mirror those of the characters in the movie since anyone with a working knowledge of what happens in the movie is going to supposedly have a distinct advantage when it comes to playing.

But again, there seems to be the indication that something could be up with the game that might make it a bit more challenging and possibly a lot more fun than some might think since it could be that it will have a few snags and twists and turns than people realize. After all the movie did and there were moments that people saw coming from a mile away while there were other moments that took us all by surprising and didn’t seem humanly possible. But that being said, they made the movie that much more enjoyable, and it would seem that such surprises would make the game that much more fun to play as well. Plus, the game isn’t supposed to take all that long, meaning that there might be a timer involved so as to keep things moving and keep people thinking on their toes, much as John had to do in the movie. It would make sense to be honest.

It’s kind of funny how it took so long to make a game out of this movie but at the same time it would seem that it might have been something that needed a good deal of research and actual interest since the movie itself was something pretty special back in the day even if it didn’t get that much attention. In the past couple of decades though Die Hard has really become something an American treasure since the movie that came after it weren’t downright horrible, depending on who you ask, but they weren’t the same caliber either since as they went along John McClane became the ‘unstoppable cop’ all while taking down terrorists of all sorts with every movie and doing things that even those in the special forces probably couldn’t do on a regular basis. The first movie was the best without a doubt since it introduced an everyday, working stiff that just happened to be a cop and yet was stubborn enough not to just give up and roll over when he saw bad men doing bad things.

Admittedly most people in position might have failed outright, been killed, or not even fought at all, but somehow John McClane did more than just fight, he won against superior forces with less firepower and less training than the terrorists and with what could only be called a do-or-die attitude that somehow allowed him to gut it out and make his way to the final reel. He had a little help here and there but throughout most of the movie it was all him since the cops had no idea what was going on and the FBI were less than useful since two of their agents ended up getting blown up during the roof explosion. Hey, maybe that will make it into the game somehow. All in all, this might be a fun game to at least try.

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