Check Out These Tim Burton-Inspired Makeup Tutorials

We all know what Tim Burton movies are like. They’re fantastical, unique, and otherworldly. You either like them or you don’t, but you have to admit that they’re pretty creative. Tim Burton’s body of work has inspired many other artists in their own medium or genre, including YouTube makeup artists goldiestarling and NsomniaksDream. Each of these YouTubers have taken up the challenge of recreating Tim Burton’s animated characters through makeup.

The challenge this poses is very clear. First off, most of Burton’s characters have unusual proportions. Most of them have elongated body parts such as necks and faces. Almost all of them have exaggeratedly enlarged eyes and other features as well. These animated characters were never meant to be modeled after actual human proportions, but somehow these makeup artists pull it off.

The results are dramatic and exquisite, but it takes a lot of work to even get one look down. The first video shows a tutorial on recreating Sally from Beetlejuice. It involves a ton of detail work that takes a lot of patience and time to do. The key is in the shadowing and highlighting to create a realistic look. The second video shows a tutorial on a generalized Tim Burtonesque look. It didn’t copy a particular character but just the overall style of Burton’s animation. It was done simply by following the same rules of exaggeration that Burton does with his characters.

Makeup is definitely a skill that can be honed and improved, but to achieve these kinds of looks is downright talent. The level of creativity needed to achieve these designs is impressive. You’d have to be up to the work and the challenge to tackle this on. So if you’re looking for the ultimate Halloween look or just the ultimate makeup challenge altogether, these videos would be a great place to start even just for inspiration.

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