That Time Tom Green Celebrated his 5 Razzies for “Freddy Got Fingered”

Only Tom Green would have ever been happy to get any Razzies for the film Freddy Got Fingered. The oddest part is that he actually WANTED to win the award. So no publicity is probably the worst publicity in his estimation it would seem. Green was a rather odd guy for a lot of his career and it never really stopped since he seemed to thrive off of the alienation he caused between himself and others. His own co-host couldn’t stand him a good deal of the time and yet somehow the guy stuck around on the Tom Green Show for long enough to be considered a permanent fixture. Seriously, Green won 5 Razzies for Freddy Got Fingered and was over the moon about it. He even showed up in a white Cadillac, rolled out his own red carpet, and then proceeded to act as though he was the man of the hour on his way in.

If that wasn’t bad enough during his acceptance speech he had to be dragged off the stage because he refused to stop playing the harmonica. That’s just the kind of guy that Tom Green is and always has been it seems since he does and says things that no one really expects. Few, if any people will ever be fully proud of a Razzie award, largely because they’re a giant joke and a way of telling a person that they messed up horribly on camera and it was recorded in full for posterity so that they could be reminded again and again of their mistake. It’s kind of the most cruel award you could give someone but it’s usually to be taken with a good amount of grace and humor simply because it is a giant running joke. A lot of actors have received Razzies but not a lot of them have managed to make it up to the stage to accept them since it is kind of embarrassing really since those in the audience are their peers and there’s no shortage of judgment when it comes to Hollywood.

Tom Green though is something else. Some people love him because of his wacky, off the wall style, but others look at him askance since he acts like a fool most of the time and calls it comedy. Some of his stuff has actually been pretty funny, but Freddy Got Fingered was just horrible. It was a nonstop gag that got barely any attention and can barely be found on DVD now. His entire act from the Tom Green Show until that movie was something straight out of a three-year old’s fantasy in which they can do just about anything they want and people will listen because it’s considered funny and will be construed as comedy. It’s hard not to get harsh on Tom Green simply because the guy will absorb it and then come back with something equally ridiculous just to prove that he can still get a laugh.

There are still people that find him funny, but then there are people that think Catwoman was an okay movie too.

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