Tom Brady Feeds David Blaine Glass in his Spare Time

Not that this is a surprise but Tom Brady has become one of the most prolific social media personalities.  Of all of the professional athletes in the world, Brady’s posts on Facebook and Instagram are always something worth watching.  You’d figure a guy that works this hard to be the best quarterback of all-time would put in the same kind of effort and precision in other walks of life.  I think it’s evident that he does.  Yesterday Brady posted another gem to his Instagram account.

I’m not sure where this video was taken but it looks like it might be in the Brady household.   This is what happens when you have David Blaine over for lunch.  Instead of feeding Blaine a sandwich, or in the Brady house likely something organic and vegetable-like, Brady fed Blaine a piece of glass which Blaine chewed as if it were a piece of ice.

I don’t know who this other foreign guy is in the background but he and Gisele are yapping away in their native tongue while Brady just sits there and laughs.  Is it me or did David Blaine put on a couple of pounds?  He’s looking a little more “beefy” than normal.  And that’s being generous.

Check out the glass eating below:

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