Tom Hardy is Going to be in an Al Capone Biopic Called “Fonzo”

You kind of have to wonder if Tom Hardy is going to radically alter his body shape in any way to play the role of Al Capone in the upcoming biopic titled Fonzo. If you look at old pictures of the former Chicago mob boss and Hardy it’s not really possible to see a lot of similarities since Hardy is in good shape and doesn’t have a very round face like Capone did. But this being Hollywood it’s kind of anything goes so long as the acting is done to a satisfactory level. That’s one thing that Hardy can’t be counted out for is acting, since he’s been seen to take on a few roles that have seemingly been beyond him and just transformed himself into the person he needed to be.

Take the film Bronson for example. Now it might have omitted a lot of things and gotten other things wrong but the role he played was something that you wouldn’t really equate with Tom Hardy when you see him in the current roles that he’s taken on throughout the last several years. Bronson is a great example of just how crazy he can get and how over the top he can go. He’s been able to drop weight and put it back on throughout his career to play roles like Tommy from Warrior, or Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. For The Drop he was considerably less bulky and for Lawless he bulked up quite a bit to create an imposing figure. So his acting ability and dedication to the role isn’t a problem. It’s looking like the person that he’s going to be playing that might be the issue unless a way can be found to alter his appearance somewhat. You’ve got to remember that nearly every old picture shows Al Capone as a man that had a much rounder face than Hardy and didn’t look quite as chiseled.

But Capone was a madman in ways, there’s no doubt, and Hardy can pull that off beautifully. He’ll be focusing on the role of Capone in his later years when he was in his forties, after his release from prison. If you can recall your history Capone was put away for tax evasion, not for the murders that were committed during his time as a boss. While in prison though he started showing signs of illness and dementia that followed him to the outside as it grew progressively worse. So it’s easy to assume that we might see Hardy having to act out of sorts and even a bit crazy now and again for the part, which as mentioned shouldn’t be too hard for him. Al Capone died from cardiac arrest not long after being out of prison, though he was hospitalized for a while before his passing due to his increasingly poor health.

In Hollywood terms it seems an ill-fitting way for a man that lived by such violent acts to go, but some might disagree. Ruthless as he was though you would have thought that Al Capone would have died as he lived, in a most violent fashion.

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