The Top Five Ludwig Goransson Movie Scores of His Career

Ludwig Goransson is a young Swedish composer and musician who has a made a name for himself through his extraordinary musical talents. In fact, he’s capable of playing a large variety of different instruments, not to mention composing songs for some of the most well-known movies and musicals of all time. At the tender age of 33 years old, it’s nothing short of astounding when you consider all the he has accomplished. Below are five of his top musical scores from movies. Even if you haven’t seen all of them, there’s a very good chance that you have seen at least a few of them. If you haven’t, you’re one of the few individuals that probably doesn’t take a lot of time to watch movies, as these are some of the most well-known titles of the past few years.

1. Fruitvale Station

This is one of the most critically acclaimed movies in recent times, dealing with the 2009 shooting of Oscar Grant, who was killed at the young age of 22. The movie itself was highly praised, as was the musical score.

2. Death Wish

A movie that was released quite recently, this Bruce Willis vehicle is another musical score that Goransson can add to his credits. Serving as the composer, he did a magnificent job creating music that fit the scene as well as setting the tone for the entire movie.

3. Black Panther

This is easily one of the most well-received movies in recent history. Three weeks into its release, it was still beating out newer movies in the box office around the country. While the movie in and of itself is certainly nothing to sneeze at, a lot of the credit goes to Goransson for creating a musical composition that draws the audience in and holds their attention from beginning to end.

4. Creed

For everyone that ever saw the original Rocky, Creed is something of a rite of passage. It was also a very important movie from the point of telling the story, especially when you consider the emotional standpoint behind it. Again, there was Goransson, creating music that was emotionally moving at just the right moments.

5. We’re the Millers

This movie was something of a different type from what Goransson usually does, but just as all of his other projects are concerned, he did it exceptionally well. The end result was a movie that worked very well when it came to what audiences were seeing and hearing, making them feel like they were a part of the action instead of merely watching it.

There are countless other movie credits to Goransson’s name. Not only is he capable of performing on any of these scores, but he does a magnificent job of creating the scores themselves. Without his abilities, many of the movies that are very well-known today may not have fared as well at the box office. It isn’t just about what audiences see on the screen, but about the entire experience. Music has the ability to move audiences to great lengths, something that Goransson has demonstrated very well time and again.

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