The Top Five Ray Liotta Yelling Scenes in Movies

Ray Liotta is fun to watch for a couple of reasons, one of them being that he gets so animated when he’s fully into the role. His yelling though seems almost strained with something behind it that’s just ready to push forth if he tries a little harder. But his intensity tend to make the effort he gives more than capable of making your skin crawl and your eyes widen as he all but snarls at people when he really lets it all loose. He’s been used as an action star before but really his strengths seem to come as a wiseguy and a disgruntled cop, the roles where he seems to shine the brightest. Overall he’s a very capable actor but he does have those parts that he seems made for.

He’s awesome to watch in just about anything though.

5. No Escape

A former military man that’s been sent to a prison colony after killing his commanding officer, Liotta has to learn how to survive in the wild along with his fellow inmates. One group would gladly kill and eat him if he gave them the chance, while the others are seeking a way to survive in this harsh environment by relying on each other. Somewhere along the way he has to make a choice on just who to trust.

4. Cop Land

The role of a strung out cop definitely plays to his more intense side as in Cop Land he’s the guy that befriends the sheriff of a small town but is all but shunned by the big city cops that live there. He tries his best to tell his friend just how it is as a big city cop but often gets frustrated when the sheriff doesn’t seem to understand the harsh rules and often massive compromises that must be made.

3. Smokin’ Aces

The slightly grizzled FBI agent that has the unfortunate task of protecting a valuable asset to the bureau is made full aware of just how dangerous this assignment will be. The top-level assassins in the world are gunning for this target and they’re all about to converge in one location where it’s about to be a free-for-all that will turn the hotel into a hailstorm of bullets and blood.

2. Wild Hogs

It’s kind of hard to buy into his image as a biker but he’s got the attitude for it. He’s just not rough enough it seems, as though he still has the gangster polish that doesn’t seem to rub off. Liotta plays this role up pretty well though despite that since he makes a good case for a guy that doesn’t like to deal with the weekend warriors that put on the clothes and prance around like bikers.

1. Goodfellas

This is where he really excels. He puts on the fashionable clothing, slicks back his hair, and affects the attitude of superiority that’s only punctuated now and again by the need for violence. That’s the gangster image and he does it so well that it’s really what has made him so great.

Ray Liotta is just the man.

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