The Top Melanie Martinez Performances on “The Voice”

We first got a glimpse of singer-songwriter Melanie Martinez on the popular vocal talent program “The Voice” back in 2014’s Season 3. The show was still fairly new then, and it attracted many singer-songwriter talents like Martinez, but this young artist definitely stood out among the rest. She had a truly unique look, an outstanding voice, and a one-of-a-kind personality. Martinez was one of the show’s most memorable contestants to this date, and she’s moved on to find her own success in the industry after “The Voice.” With a couple of music albums under her belt today, we can’t help but reminisce how she started out. Here are the top 5 performances Martinez had on “The Voice.”


We can’t ever forget the way Martinez sung Britney Spears’ Toxic for her audition. She stripped it down with guitar on hand and tambourine on foot. She sat down, this weirdly adorable young girl, and sang for us a song that completely changed the way we heard Toxic, and the song has actually been remade so many times after that. She was actually good enough to turn 3 chairs and get into the show, and this was the song that did it.


The song that eventually got her eliminated was actually a great song. Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy was the perfect fit for Martinez, and she executed it with her own style and grace. You can even see Cee Lo clearly enjoying the rendition, and we did as well. But alas, it was not enough to keep her going to the next elimination. Crazy was the song that ended “The Voice” for Martinez.

Hit the Road Jack

For some reason, this style just suited Martinez perfectly. It fit her looks, her style, and more importantly, the song fit her voice. Martinez’s rendition of Hit the Road Jack was well sung, and it was a great way for her to kick off the Live Playoffs. Hit the Road Jack was definitely a great song for her, and obviously America loved it as well because she moved on to the next round after that.


We were obsessed with La Roux’s Bulletproof at one point. It’s catchy and simple, and somehow, Martinez was able to twist it and make it even better. Her distinctive voice has a certain effect on songs, making them sound like new again. So as much as Bulletproof was on repeat back then, Martinez made it seem like we heard the song for the first time.

Too Close

This was the last song that saved Martinez during the top 8 eliminations. Alex Clare’s Too Close wasn’t an obvious choice for Martinez, but as soon as she started playing her guitar and began singing, it was clear that she had made the correct choice. Martinez’s Too Close was emotional and quietly angry compared to Clare’s outright angst. It was a beautiful performance that could’ve probably made it into the finals if she only were able to get that far.

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