The Top Uses of Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” in Movies or TV

Pat Benatar hit gold with Hit Me With Your Best Shot since it’s been one of her most recognizable tracks throughout the years. It’s pretty obvious that the words in this song are meant to be taken metaphorically but the punch it delivers is great enough that it’s been considered a hit since it’s release. Visit a ballpark or a stadium where any sports game is playing and there’s a good chance that you might hear this track playing, especially if the game happens to be a good one.  It offers an easy sound to listen to and a heavy enough punch that it can be replicated and used in just about anything that features a bit of action and a lot of sass to it. You might even say that Benatar was ahead of her time with this one since it’s still used widely in this day and age.

Here are a few good examples of how people like to use this song.

5. Supergirl

It’s still a little difficult to imagine that Supergirl is in some ways superior to Superman since a lot of folks equate size with strength. But this blonde, lithe Kryptonian is in fact a lot more schooled in the use of her powers than her cousin and in a straight up brawl could match Superman for power and intelligence. The only deciding factor would be experience and who utilized their powers more efficiently.

4. Family Guy

Family Guy knows how to draw out a joke until it just seems less funny and more annoying, sad, desperate, pick a description and they’ll nail it kind of effect. In this clip thankfully it doesn’t go for too long but at the expense of Hit Me With Your Best Shot it kind of skirts the edge of falling flat simply because it’s used in a manner that might be seen just funny enough but almost to the point that the funny is killed off.

3. Glee

This remix of Benatar’s classic song is pretty cool since it incorporates the feel of her track and Blondie’s One Way or Another. Plus like always the choreography in Glee is used to the greatest extent to show the situation in just the right light so that it seems less than serious but just serious enough to be worth watching. It might be a good idea if you’re a fan of Glee though.

2. Marvel

Pardon the profanity in the beginning and somewhere in the middle, but this seemed like too good of a clip to pass on. If you’ve watched the MCU’s best efforts up until now, and they’re all second to none for the most part, then you know that they’re a hard-hitting bunch that know how to take and give a hit. The movies coming up are already promising to be just as good if not better.

1. Rocky Road Entertainment

This was too cute not to add in. Watching kids that weren’t even thought of yet singing older songs is something that’s just awesome to watch since it not only ups the cuteness quotient of such an article but gives hope to those of us that were growing up when this music was so insanely popular.

Hit me with your best shot, and fire away.

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