10 Things You Didn’t Know About Two Sentence Horror Stories

Two Sentence Horror Stories

We all have our preferences as pertains to what dose of entertainment excites us. Some will go for animation while others would kill for an extra episode of an action-packed movie. Horror fans are excited by the new series “Two Sentence Horror Stories,” and if you have no idea what it is all about, Comic Book has all the details which we have summarized for you.

1. It is based on a Reddit user’s input

People will say anything on social media platforms just for fun. We have seen naked pictures of celebrities being leaked and funny memes focusing on influential personalities. However, have you ever taken time to read through some of the posts people forward to the public? Well, one user on Reddit decided to ask people to write the best horror story they could come up with, in two sentences. Users went ahead to post, and it is chilling to read some of the stories posted as revealed on Bored Panda.

2. Vera Miao created it

Behind every entertaining episode of each film, there is a creative person that racked his brains to make it happen. Vera Miao found the casting call online where the production houses were looking for diverse filmmakers as she said during an interview with Huff Post. At the time, the project and network were unnamed, but after a few weeks, Vera found herself pitching to work on her series. She aimed to represent people of color and Queer people as she calls them. Since she is an actress too, being a showrunner was quite an experience for her.

3. Each episode runs for 22 minutes

We have become used to animations and comedies running for about twenty minutes but expect other shows to have episodes airing for at least 40 minutes. Two Sentence Horror Stories is unique in its way because unlike other horror series; its episodes will air for twenty minutes. While that in itself may not seem okay especially for those who are horror fanatics and would love to binge-watch a series, those who are yet to get used to the chills down their spines will appreciate that it only takes twenty minutes.

4. Each episode is based in one horror story

Writers of films write endless pages for the cast to memorize before we can get to watch the final product. Since the horror stories in Reddit are only two sentences, writers for the series had to come up with filler content. That way, they ensure that the underlying message from each short story is long enough to air for 22 minutes. Therefore each episode starts with the first sentence and concludes with the last.

5. It premiered on August 8th, 2019

When that Reddit user urged the rest to tell their horror stories in two sentences or less, little did he know that he would come up with content for a show. Although the thread started a few years back, today they are what Vera Miao is using to present to us eight episodes for the first series of Two Sentence Horror Stories. The series premiered on August 8th, 2019 and aired two back to back episodes. According to IGN, two episodes will be airing every Thursday. Consequently, the series will only last for a month, which is quite some bad news for horror movie fans.

6. Stage 13 and Warner Bros produced it

Stage 13 has branded itself as fearless in delivering original digital content since its establishment in 2017. Besides the unique content, it still champions for the use of characters that spread the message of diversity. The Senior Vice President even told the creative team to seek emerging artists who have authentic stories which would be thrown out of the window by other production houses as reported in Indie Wire. By collaborating with Warner Bros. through the Burbank Studio responsible for both scripted and unscripted digital content, the series is bound to appeal to a broad audience.

7. The CW acquired it

The CW Television Network is one that aims to keep its consumers entertained since it is free to air. This series was first set up at CW Seed, a spin-off production house from The CW. At first, it comprised five short films, but when The CW took over, it adapted it to a regular series comprising eight episodes for its first season. Right now there are no talks of a second season; perhaps the producers are waiting to see how the reception will be.

8. It was set up at CW Seed originally

Being a one of a kind series, it is was only befitting that CW Seed picked it up. CW Seed was formerly known as the CW Digital Studio or CWD, according to Wikipedia. The digital production spun off from CW and now is independent. It even has its original web series including Prom Queen, Husbands, How to be a Vampire among many more. It is, therefore, no wonder that it picked up Two Sentence Horror Stories from the web and turned to into a series of five short films.

9. The stories were on all social media platforms

It only takes one match to light up a forest. Since everyone loves a good story, it is without a doubt that people would take up the two-sentence horror story and spread their creativity. Users, therefore, took the horror stories from Reddit and began posting them on different social media platforms. Of course, the fact that is brief adds to the excitement, unlike long post which people have to warn others by writing “long post alert.” With their brevity, the reader is guaranteed to know of the ending in a few seconds and move on to the next thrilling story.

10. It is criticized a smiling the stories for too long

Coming up with a 22-minute episode from only two sentences appears like stretching the concept too long. The producers, therefore, had to fill in with whatever they deem fit to give the two sentences life. To some viewers, that may not be as entertaining reading the two sentences. Therefore they would prefer if one episode comprised a few short stories instead of only one.

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