What to Expect in Jane the Virgin’s Final Season

After the first episode of season five, fans of Jane the Virgin are already losing their minds over the American Telenovela style show’s final season. For anyone who doesn’t know what a telenovela is, think of the most dramatic daytime soap you ever saw then amp it up about four notches. This description doesn’t quite do the epic drama level justice, but it’s a riotous good time and packed with every over the top element of drama you can imagine.

Endings and Beginnings

Jane the Virgin has managed to hold true to the genre for four seasons and it looks like they’ll go out with a bang. While there’s a huge amount of speculation, especially after last nights huge (no spoilers here) twist, some things are certain. Everyone has been wondering if Jane will stay a widow or not. The answer is no, she will be remarrying for certain.

“Telenovelas structurally end with weddings so ours will as well. Whether it’s in the last episode or close thereabouts, that I can’t quite reveal, but Jane will get married again.”

– Jennie Snyder Urman

Gina Rodriguez already revealed that things are going to go back to where they all started this season. That means that plot twists are coming full circle and there are some huge reveals on the horizon. As with all great telenovelas, some details will wait until the literal last second, and the finale of the show is bound to have more twists than a box of pretzels.

What’s Next

In addition to the great suspense and thrilling twists, Rodriguez and Urman have also talked about how important sorrow is in this season. They have as much as said people were crying in the editing room and there will be a whole lot of tear-filled moments. Extracting the maximum emotional response from both the cast and the viewer is pretty much exactly what telenovela drama is all about and Jane the Virgin does it so very well.

Though the stars and creators aren’t revealing everything, for good reason, it seems like they could be alluding to some serious consequences for some of the beloved supporting characters. Xo and Alba seem the logical fan-favorite choices for this. Is there a recurrence of cancer, or a sudden death looming for one or both of these characters? No one has said as much, but the hits are sure to be intense no matter who makes it to the final scene.

Memory Lane and Romance

One of the best things in season five is the way they’re revisiting the past and making the connections complete. The show is striving to show the ways these characters have grown and the changes they’ve been through. This season is going to feature a lot of nods to previous episodes and how they impacted the story. The visual dynamism and emotional impact of this part of the storytelling is beautiful, mirroring the past and reminding us where it all began to help increase the buildup to the end.

The romance is alive and well in Jane the Virgin and you can expect that to continue. The ending will feature some gorgeously romantic sentiments and it seems pretty likely that there will be grand gestures in the offing. With the engagement up in the air, fans are left wondering if Rafael is really ‘the one’ for Jane. Whoever she marries, it is not going to be a straight path getting to the altar for Jane. Then again, that would be so dull.

What About the Narrator

Anthony Mendez, who voices the narrator has always been a great source of fan speculation. Some diehards are still holding on to the theory that he is Mateo. Will we ever find out? Well, the answer, like the show itself, is going to be complicated. Though they’ve revealed that you will never see him onscreen, there’s an answer coming. The show does intend to reveal how the narrator is relevant to the world of Jane the Virgin before the end so anyone who’s been holding on for that is getting their wish before the final curtain.

Final Thoughts

Jane the Virgin has been amazingly well cast, well written and well executed from the moment it hit the screen. They’ve managed to take an entire genre that many fans weren’t particularly familiar with and make it a mainstream primetime sensation. Those who already loved good telenovelas weren’t disappointed either. In the end, the final season is going to remain true to their roots and doubtless, it will provide the fans with a satisfyingly convoluted, excessively dramatic, grand romantic finish where the whole show feels at last complete.

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