What We Learned from The Batman: Three Jokers Trailer

There have been those that have guessed that there’s more than one Joker over the years, but Three Jokers kind of confirms it since even using the Mobius chair made it clear to Batman that one of his most persistent and dangerous enemies hasn’t been working on his own for quite some time. But the question now is just who was responsible for each of the most heinous crimes that the Joker has ever committed? After all, Red Hood, Batman, and Batgirl all have beef with the Joker, but it would appear that they have issues with different men. As if one Joker wasn’t bad enough, splitting the iconic villain into three different beings is going to make this even more confusing since trying to sort out just who’s who when it comes to the Joker is bound to be one of the most difficult tasks that Batman has ever taken on. The series looks to be one of the more confusing and thrilling representations of Batman and his nemesis that’s ever been released, and one can just imagine how crazy it’s going to get before the end. People are used to seeing the Joker as a clown, criminal, and comedian, but trying to sort out who’s who in this manner is bound to be a little difficult, even for the three individuals that have the biggest grudge against him.

It does help that the origin of the Joker is still something that a lot of people don’t agree on since some think he’s immortal, some believe what’s already been penned in the older comics, that he was a different villain before he took a swim in a vat of chemicals, and various other beginnings. But the whole mystique of the Joker, and what’s made him so effective for so long, is that his origin is hard to figure out since it’s never been fully discovered. Even in the movie that Joaquin Phoenix just starred in, it’s seen that his upbringing is more than a little problematic and yet he still doesn’t really know what to believe about who he is and where his place in the world is supposed to be. It does appear that he comes to grips with his role in society at the end and embraces the darker side of his persona, but again, the ending of the movie is fairly ubiquitous and doesn’t really offer much more than a faint idea of where it might go from there. And one also has to figure in the idea that out of all the things the Joker has done and the many different crimes he’s committed, this is one of the few villains that is able to go from being insane to sane in a matter of seconds when he really needs to.

The really disturbing part of Three Jokers is that finding out that there are three different men acting the part is all well and good since it means that the heroes can eventually divide and conquer. But it also means that each one of the villains is just as deadly as the other two and could break out the same kind of tricks that the other two know about and tend to employ now and again. Despite being human, the Joker is one of the many villains that it’s not wise to underestimate since he usually has something that he can use to surprise even those that have been around him for so long. He’s one of the only villains in Batman’s gallery of enemies that have been able to take the dark knight to the limit in more ways than one since he’s one of the most unpredictable bad guys around and there’s no telling what he’s going to do, but it’s almost always a sure bet that it’s going to be something that will affect Batman or one of those that he cares about. This is one of the many things the Joker is known for, after all, he doesn’t just target one individual, he’ll make certain that his attacks will be felt by everyone at some point and if he manages to harm his target in a different way by harming others, then so much the better since his main goal in life for a long time has been to destroy the Batman in every possible way that he can since the two of them are considered polar opposites and as a result fans have become used to seeing them on opposing sides of the law and just about any moral issue that has ever been brought up in the comics.

But Three Jokers is a little more terrifying since it brings the three very well-noted aspects of one of DC’s most notorious villains into play. It should be an interesting series.

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