What You Need to Know about The Curse of Oak Island Book

Somehow, Oak Island has managed to remain a subject of interest for a surprising number of people out there. This is impressive because people have mounted more than one expedition to the island in search of its fabled treasure with nothing to show for their efforts whatsoever. However, the succession of interested individuals has never stopped, as shown by how The Curse of Oak Island is starting up on Season 6.

For those who are interested, there is a new book called The Curse of Oak Island: The Story of the World’s Longest Treasure Hunt that is set to come out on December 11. Like its name suggests, it will be focused in significant part on The Curse of Oak Island but will cover previous efforts to find the fabled treasure as well. Supposedly, The Curse of Oak Island: The Story of the World’s Longest Treasure Hunt will have sources that have never been looked into by previous book-writers, but since the sole example mentioned is exclusive access to the Lagina brothers, interested individuals might not want to get their hopes up for this one. After all, the fact that The Curse of Oak Island is on its sixth season without being able to show any results of significance is something that speaks volumes about the whole situation.

What Can People Expect from the Curse of Oak Island Book?

Not too much information has been revealed about the book, but considering the nature of the subject, it seems probable that it will cover a fair number of the failed expeditions that have been launched since the 1850s. In particular, it is safe to say that the book will focus to a considerable extent on locations such as the so-called Money Pit, which remains a subject of much interest for those who believe in the existence of the treasure in spite of the fact that the location has been excavated more than once.

Having said this, the book is bound to cover various theories about what is supposed to have been concealed on Oak Island as well. Simply put, even though a wide range of people have been speculating about the treasure for such a long time, there is still no real consensus on what it is even supposed to be. This is the reason that The Curse of Oak Island has brought on a succession of “experts” proposing theories that are ever more outlandish in nature, with examples ranging from the lost manuscripts of William Shakespeare to the treasure of the Knights Templar, who pop up in a remarkable number of conspiracy theories. If the book is going to examine the various theories that have been proposed for the treasure of Oak Island, it could be good for a laugh if nothing else because some of those theories have been very amusing.

With that said, interested individuals might also want to take note of the person who is writing the book. In short, Randall Sullivan is an American journalist who worked for Rolling Stone at one point in time. Some of his books have created a fair amount of interest for their subject matters, with excellent examples being both The Price of Experience and LAbyrinth. However, his conclusions in his writings have failed to win universal consensus. For example, LAbyrinth was convincing enough for the FBI to look into the murder of the Notorious B.I.G., but in the end, said investigation came to a close in eighteen months with little to show for it. Likewise, The Miracle Detective came to a close with Sullivan claiming that he had experienced a miracle, which explains why some have slammed the book for being a blatant conversion narrative even though it was supposed to be an investigation of claimed miracles. Finally, it should be mentioned that Sullivan is very much involved with The Curse of Oak Island, meaning that he isn’t exactly a neutral investigator on this particular subject.

Final Thoughts

Regardless, while The Curse of Oak Island is more than a little bit silly, it nonetheless makes for entertaining TV, meaning that interested individuals might want to check in when new episodes start airing on November 13. Currently, History is busy hinting that the people behind the series have managed to find gold as well as what could be Roman structures, but since this is what they have done for the seasons before one, interested individuals might want to maintain a sense of skepticism until concrete proof comes up.

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