Whatever Happened to Daisy Fuentes?

There was a time when Daisy Fuentes was known far and wide as one of the most popular individuals on MTV and one of the most gorgeous women on TV for that matter. To realize that she had pretty humble beginnings isn’t too hard really but in truth she became a lot more famous than some people give her credit for since she was known worldwide at one point and possibly still is depending on who you talk to. While her family moved around a bit when she was young she learned English while watching reruns of I Love Lucy. Eventually her family came to America where Daisy became popular almost overnight it seems since she was voted as homecoming queen in her high school and was even voted as the best looking. During her senior year she went into modeling and upon graduation she became an aspiring hairstylist as she had designs on opening her own salon. She would eventually change her mind however and attend Bergen Community College where she majored in Communications.

The rest of her story continues onward and upward as you might expect.

She started getting popular while she was still in college.

She was hired on to a news station to present the weather in the evening and late at night to start with, and her career started going up from there as she gained the notice of other stations and began to expand her career. Daisy didn’t waste a lot of time jumping from one station to the next in order to further her career, taking the road she needed to in order to get where she wanted to be. Initially she gained her popularity from the Latin crowd since she was featured on Telemundo, but her influence would eventually be felt in a much bigger way when she started taking on bigger and better positions that allowed her to stretch her talents and experience other venues in which to work. Eventually she made her way to MTV where she began to really get popular.

She was the first Latina VJ in MTV’s history.

Ask anyone and they might tell you from memory that Daisy Fuentes’ days on MTV is where she really started to gain in popularity. She’d already been somewhat famous before making it to the station but she became an overnight hit as one of the more noted VJ’s that the channel had to offer. Her time on MTV was highly remembered as she was one of the favorites and among those that stood out the most. It could have had a lot to do with her looks but her personality and time on the job was also a pleasant switch since she was very engaging with the audience and managed to make herself into one of the most popular voices on the channel. She was big into the 90s scene and definitely had her finger on the pulse of the youth in a way that made her that much better at her job.

She’s very involved in charity work.

On top of being a model and an actress she has over the years become involved in charity and has helped to raise money for breast cancer research. She’s often spoke of support to charities such the March of Dimes and Starlight Children’s Foundation. She’s helped to raise millions of dollars for several different charities throughout the years and has been heavily involved with said charities for a number of years. To say that she’s a very giving individual is putting it mildly since she’s been awarded for her contributions and has been recognized as one of those that has taken this matter seriously, particularly in the Latino community. Her work with such charities has been kind of inspirational since no matter what she was really like back in the 90s she was viewed as a pleasing sight on MTV and a way to get more male viewers to tune in. It worked obviously, as her outfits weren’t always provocative enough to warrant concern but were just enough to accentuate her figure and make her rather appealing to the male viewers. Even back then however she was into giving to charities and has since then built a reputation for giving to those in need.

At this time in her career Fuentes is a co-presenter for La Voz Kids on Telemundo. The show is basically a Latin version of The Voice and has made use of her talents as a presenter and obviously has banked on her star power a bit to really get things going and keep them stimulated. At this point in her career Daisy seems pretty happy with where she’s at and is quite well off thanks to her clothing and hair care products that make around $300 million per year. So yeah, she’s doing good.  P.S. She’s now married to Richard Marx!

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